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Having 2 years of experience in SAP, SAP PP, SAP LE, SAP MM. Good knowledge and teaching experience in MS-Office, Mathematics and Soft skills. Well versed with the usage of ASAP methodology for the structured and systematic SAP project implementation. Completed Bachelor of Technology from PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Vijayawada.


MS - Powerpoint - 9 years experience 150 INR / Hour

Full course

  • Getting Started with PowerPoint
  • The PowerPoint Software
  • Your First PowerPoint Presentation
  • Insert a New Slide into PowerPoint
  • Change the Title of a PowerPoint Slide
  • PowerPoint Bullets
  • Add an Image to a PowerPoint Slide
  • Add a Textbox to a PowerPoint slide
  • The Slide Show Footer in PowerPoint
  • Add Notes to a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Complete your First PowerPoint Presentation

MS -Excel - 9 years experience 175 INR / Hour

Full course

  • Ribbon: Excel selects the ribbons Home tab when you open it. Learn how to minimize and customize the ribbon
  • Workbook: A workbook is another word for your Excel file. Excel automatically creates a blank workbook when you open it
  • Worksheets: A worksheet is a collection of cells where you keep and manipulate the data. By default, each Excel workbook contains three worksheets
  • Format Cells: When we format cells in Excel, we change the appearance of a number without changing the number itself
  • Find & Select: Learn how to use Excel's Find, Replace and Go To Special feature
  • Templates: Instead of creating an Excel workbook from scratch, you can create a workbook based on a template. There are many free templates available, waiting to be used
  • Data Validation: Use data validation in Excel to make sure that users enter certain values into a cell
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts allow you to do things with your keyboard instead of your mouse to increase your speed
  • Print: This chapter teaches you how to print
  • a worksheet and how to change some important print settings in Excel
  • Share: Learn how to share Excel data with Word documents and other files
  • Protect: Encrypt an Excel file with a password so that it requires a password to open it

MS-Office - 9 years experience 200 INR / Hour

MS Excel MS Word MS Power Point MS Paint

Expert in MS-Office.

MS-Word - 9 years experience 175 INR / Hour

Full course

  • The Microsoft Word Title Bar
  • The Microsoft Word Menu Bar
  • Microsoft Word Toolbars
  • The Ruler
  • Document View
  • Text Area
  • Exiting Microsoft Word
  • Click Options
  • Highlighting Text
  • Highlighting Menu Items
  • Placing the Cursor
  • Menu Commands
  • Using the Alt Key Shortcut Notations
  • Starting a New Paragraph
  • Exiting Microsoft Word
  • Open File
  • Cut and Paste
  • Copy and Paste
  • AutoText
  • Spell Check
  • Find and Replace
  • Font Size
  • Fonts
  • Save File and Exit
  • Microsoft Word
  • Creating a Table
  • Moving Around a Table
  • Entering Text into a Table
  • Selecting a Row and Bolding the Text
  • Right-Aligning Text
  • Adding a New Row to the End of the Table
  • Adding a New Row Within the Table
  • Resizing the Columns
  • Adding a New Column to a Table
  • Sorting a Table
  • The Sum Function
  • Deleting a Column
  • Deleting a Row
  • Recalculate
  • Merge Cells
  • Table Headings
  • Converting Text to a Table
  • Splitting a Table Table
  • AutoFormat
  • Save File

Mathematics - 15 years experience 300 INR / Hour

SSC Standard Any Topic

Having good knowledge in SSC syllabus.

SAP - 2 years experience 800 INR / Hour


SAP PP/QM Consultant with 2 implementations,1 Roll out, 3 Suppport

SAP LE - 2 years experience 800 INR / Hour


SAP PP/QM Consultant with 2 implementations,1 Roll out, 3 Suppport

SAP MM - 2 years experience 800 INR / Hour



Soft Skills - 2 years experience 300 INR / Hour

Presentation Body Language


SAP PP - 2 years experience 800 INR / Hour

Configuration Master Data Discrete Repititive PI

SAP PP Consultant With Implementation, Support, Roll out


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