Jacob Kuria

Tutor for Communication, Computer Fundamentals, Mathematics, R programming and Statistics



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Having 5+ years of teaching experience in Communication, Computer Fundamentals, Mathematics, R programming and Statistics. Currently working as System analyst. Possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills. Graduated form University of Nairobi.


Commmunication - 5 years experience 10 USD / Hour

Effective Communication

In our today's competitive society, effective communication is mandatory for conductance of our daily errands. This starts with our interpersonal relationships to our communication in the marketplace. It is undeniable that in the absence of effective communication misunderstandings are inevitable. For success to be realized in whatever endeavor we indulge ourselves in, effective communication is a necessity.
Over the years both in my area of practice and in my academic pursuit, I have learnt the essence and components of effective communication.

Computer Fundamentals - 7 years experience 10 USD / Hour

Computer Software

Having majored in computer science and IT in my undergraduate level, I have gotten to develop as sober and comprehensive knowledge on computer related aspects, majorly software. In this regard, it is undeniable of the fact that I have become conversant with topics relating to computer fundamentals, having acquired a detailed and all round information during my coursework.

Mathematics - 5 years experience 10 USD / Hour


During my undergraduate pursuit, Calculus was one of the units that I had to undertake and do well for a successful academic pursuit. Having said that, I have worked on implementing principles of calculus in the development of software algorithms which has further aided me in gaining mastery in the filed of mathematics.

R programming - 6 years experience 10 USD / Hour

R Functions

The study of R programing was a mandatory unit in my undergraduate studies, seeing to it that I became conversant with the statistical tool which is key in the field of statistics.
In this regard, I have developed a detailed and comprehensive knowledge on the applicability and implementation of the tool, learning the essential fundamental in such a manner that the use of the tool becomes feasible and effective.

Statistics - 7 years experience 10 USD / Hour


I can teach all topics in Statistics.


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