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Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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In an IT career spanning over a decade and a half with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups in various roles handling responsibilities managing teams and working independently, have got an opportunity to contribute in Digital marketing, Vendor management, Procurement Management, Fleet management, Logistics, CRM, long term and short term contracts. Based on my experience i have trained fellow team members and peers who needed tips and techniques to interact, demonstrate and express themselves in front of clients, product owners and business counterparts globally.


Business Analysis - 1 years experience 50 INR / Hour

Stakeholder analysis Requirements gathering Liaison skills Documentation Gap analysis Root cause analysis Agile and user acceptance testing

Considering my experience as a Business analyst since an year I had the privilege to interact with different stakeholders from diverse background and mindset. As per my observation most important quality a Business Analyst must possess should be "Inquisitiveness" and should be humble/down to earth. Last but definitely not the least is "Common sense" without which it is very difficult to sustain in this profession. Always be open to unlearn and accept changes with a balanced approach. Things will move automatically and finally one can be called a successful Business Analyst.

Business Writing - 12 years experience 100 INR / Hour

Effective communication through email How to build strong relationships in the business world How to be assertive to difficult customers How to build a solid platform for two way communication.

Since 2003 i have been actively involved in Business communications especially interacting with clients located in different part of the world. Hence the company that i have been associated with made sure that i got enough training handling issues pertaining to insurance and banking sector. Effective communication coupled with empathy will take the company and its employees a long way in building successful partnerships and relationship building. All this can be covered for any employee at any level.

Commmunication - 10 years experience 100 INR / Hour

Email Verbal/Non-verbal Correct body language

Communication does not just cover whether a person is speaking good English. It is more than verbal communication.For example the key to a successful career is maintaining the correct body language in the work environment. How to behave in teams and effectively present ideas and how and when to ask for an increment. These simple things i can teach to aspirants based on my work experience in some leading organizations.

Computer Fundamentals - 1 years experience 100 INR / Hour

What is a CPU What does the computer understand Assembly language in brief Different stages computers evolved

How computers came into existence. Where and why they are so important and what language does a computer understand. These things can be taken up.

English Grammar - 1 years experience 100 INR / Hour

Verbs Nouns Pronunciation

Most of us do not apply the right words in our sentence formation which may bring disrepute to us and the organization we are representing. This can be rectified with right Grammar. I can handle using few scenarios.

Managerial Skills - 0 years experience 50 INR / Hour

Time management Effective communication SWOT analysis Leadership Project Management

Acquired 35 Project development units( PdU's) from MSME, Agra. Cleared Managerial effectiveness and General management from ICFAI. Good at book reading from authors such as Robin Sharma, Shiv Khera, RadhaKrisnan (Chanakya series), Dr. Kalam.

Presentation Skills - 13 years experience 200 INR / Hour

Powerpoint presentations Project showcasing Appraiser/Apraisee points Team meetings

I will be able to share important points pertaining to employee and employer viewpoints and how to resolve and negotiate well during team meetings, appraisal system and what organizations actually mean in their email and updates. Having presented using power point to a team of around 60 in ADP i can easily motivate, inspire and ensure employee contributes to organizational mission.

Public Speaking - 0 years experience 100 INR / Hour

How to motivate a group Build confidence levels Draw group attention End the speech/talk.

Though i am not a public speaker by profession, i can share key points to enable build employee and in turn organizational confidence levels and keep the ball rolling whenever there are hurdles and motivate a group to stick to plan and help deliver results.

Resume and CV Writing - 1 years experience 50 INR / Hour

Effective resume writing What to mention The body Headline and bottom of the resume

Strong resume is critical to get that much desired job/role. I have gone through a lot of resumes in my career where few changes could have taken the employee/candidate to a different level altogether. I can share some tips where if implemented can impact the outcome of the interview process.

Soft Skills - 12 years experience 50 INR / Hour

Email etiquette Listening skills Analyze and understand Verbal and written

I started my career way back in 2003 with Prudential where i had to opportunity to undergo training required to interact, present and empathize with the customer. Most important quality one must possess while dealing with a customer is "Treat him like god". For that matter treat any person outside your body as god. This simple philosophy will work dividends in a persons career. Even if the customer is irate and abusive, just listen and let that particular moment pass. This attitude will help the business go a long way and make a mark on the global arena.

Workplace Environment - 12 years experience 150 INR / Hour

Floor decency Etiquette's

How to maintain office decorum and dignity. Good listening skills and respecting the opinion of peers, supervisors and some other best practices.


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