Dr T.N.Sharma

Experienced Trainer in C, C++, Data Structures, DBMS, Android and Java with 18 years of experience


Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Available for : Online Teaching | Tuition at my place | Tuition at your place

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Experienced Trainer with experience of about 18 years in various subjects in computer science like Java, C, C++, DBMS, Artificial Intelligence and Android . Experience includes corporate training and online teaching. Professional exposure in Software development, Administration, Management. Dealt with several batches of corporate training in leading companies like WIPRO Limited, Expedia, DOIT&C and RIPA. Currently focussed on giving training on Java/J2EE and related technologies like Hibernate, Spring and Struts. Ph.D from University of Rajasthan in 2012.


Android - 2 years experience 600 INR / Hour

All General topics related to Android

  • Published one book in international market in Android" Android Development Makes Easy (2011), ISBN978-3-8465-4633-8, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany".
  • Conducted a few seminars in various engineering colleges of Rajasthan
  • Few batches were taken in my own company "LogicPace Technologies Pvt Ltd

C - 2 years experience 500 INR / Hour

Basics of C Arrays Structures Pointers

Taken a lots of batches of C in various locations.

C++ - 2 years experience 500 INR / Hour

Introduction to C++ Classes Inheritance Operator overloading Templates Exception handling

Conducted a lots of batches of C++ in last 18 years. Having summarized the total experience of C++ only as 2 years

DBMS - 1 years experience 600 INR / Hour

Introduction to DBMS SQL Normalization Concurrency control Query processing

Taught a few batches of DBMS.

Data Structures - 2 years experience 600 INR / Hour

Array Stack Queue Tree Graph Sorting Searching AVL tree Analysis of algorithm Divide and conquer greedy approach dynamic programming etc

Taken a few batches on various locations on data structure

Java - 15 years experience 600 INR / Hour

Topics like class inheritance packages interfaces exception handling multi threading collections Input output swing servlet JSP JDBC etc

A lots of batches taken on Java and related topics on various locations. A lots of corporate training conducted on MNCs like wipro, expedia.


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