David Lamhauge

Expert Tutor for C, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Computer Science, Mathematics and History with good experience

English,Faroese, Danish, Swedish

Tistrup, Denmark

Available for : Online Teaching | Tuition at my place | Tuition at your place



Having 20 years of experience in Mathematics and History. Having 3 years of experience in C, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Jquery. Currently working as teacher at Billundskolen, in Billund, Denmark. Teaching Math, History and Computer Science. Certified programmer and network engineer since 2001. The Computer Science class is focused on getting a solid knowledge on how the Computer, Smartphone, Tablet and so on works, and we use mostly C and HTML/CSS/Javascript to get there. Privately I use Linux on my desktop.


C - 3 years experience 40 USD / Hour

Basic programming Modularization Functions

Teaching C for three years.

HTML/CSS - 5 years experience 40 USD / Hour

Basic markup and design

Designing websites.

History - 20 years experience 40 USD / Hour

Any but especially Danish history

Educated history teacher.

Javascript - 3 years experience 40 USD / Hour

Interactivity on your webpages

Programming interactive functions to liven up the webpage.

Jquery - 3 years experience 40 USD / Hour

More advanced use of Javascript.

Jquery makes it easier to get advanced interactivity on your webpage.

Mathematics - 20 years experience 40 USD / Hour

Basic Math

Educated Math teacher.


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