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Daniel C Clarek

Experienced Tutor for Life Coaching, Personal Development and Emotional Intelligence


Missouri, USA

Available for : Online Teaching | Tuition at my place | Tuition at your place

Life Coaching Personal Development Emotional Intelligence


Having 13+ years of teaching experience in Life Coaching, Personal Development and Emotional Intelligence. Have certificate in Social and Emotional Intelligence. Completed Masters in Social Work.


Life Coaching - 20 years experience 65 USD / Hour

Breaking habits

Have been life coaching for years, and professionally since 2005. I have worked with hundreds of couples, individuals, and families. I help them move toward better communiation, self awareness, resolutions, anxiety, and much more.

Personal Development - 13 years experience 65 USD / Hour

Life Plan

Personal development includes learning the basic skills of being present, emotional awareness, and focus. With out a good handle on our own emtions we miss the natural wisdom of the ages.

Emotional Intelligence - 13 years experience 65 USD / Hour

Self and Other Awareness

Living with a full range of emotional strengths empowers you to have a deep understanding of where someone is coming from. Without a strong sense of the room, the other person and self, we are poor leaders.


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