Adithya Vardhan Decolu

Tutor for C language, Core Java, Advanced Java with 1 year of experience


Mettuguda Bus Stop, Malkajgiri Road, Lalaguda North, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Available for : Online Teaching | Tuition at my place | Tuition at your place



An engineering graduate, Having 1 year of experience in teaching C language, Core Java and Advanced Java in a computer institute. Can explain the concepts with easy examples especially for beginners and slow learners.


C - 1 years experience 300 INR / Hour

Variables Data types Operators Control statements Functions Arrays Pointers Dynamic memory Strings Structures Unions File handling Preprocessors CMD line arguments

Will explain clearly all the fundamentals in programing from basics to advanced concepts.Easy level understanding for beginners and special care for slow learners.Expertise in the following concepts: Variables,data types,operators,control statements,functions,arrays,pointers,Dynamic memory,strings,structures,unions,file handling,preprocessors,CMD line arguments

Java - 1 years experience 300 INR / Hour

Basics of JVM-JDK OOPS conceptsstringsmulti threadingNetworkingAppletsException handlingColletionsWrapper classesswingsAWTServletsJSPJDBCJava new features.

Will explain the OOPs concepts with easy examples for beginners and slow learners.
Following concepts:Basics of JVM-JDK, OOPS concepts, Strings, Multi threading,Networking,Applets, Exception handling, Colletions ,Wrapper, Classes, Swings, AWT,Servlets ,JSP, JDBC.


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