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When we think of clothing in the fashion industry, the first and foremost concept that comes to mind is fabric. The fabric is the primary component of the finished garment. But can you really build a wearable garment out of just a piece of fabric? The answer would be a big no. To shape a piece of fabric into the designs we picture, we need a very material term, which is called trims. Trim is a term used to describe materials that turn raw fabric into finished products. Without trims, the fabric will always be an unfinished piece. Threads, buttons, lining, beads, zippers, motifs, patches, and other materials can be used as trims. They give the wearer's overall appearance more style.

Trims Used in Lingerie

Undergarments, light robes, and sleepwear are all included in the category of apparel known as lingerie, which largely caters to women's needs. Silk, which is supple and lightweight, is used to make lingerie. These soft, elastic clothes are designed to be worn while sleeping. The majority of these are undergarments or sleepwear-friendly clothing.

Different Types of Trims Used in Lingerie

  • Lace Trims
  • Lace trims are a type of openwork fabric that is used in the making of women's undergarments. It is long and slender, like lace, but comes in a wide range of widths, often between 5 and 30 cm. Some lace trimmings have translucent tulle backgrounds, while others have eyelash scalloped edges. Lace trims are colourful in appearance and they uplift the garment due to their texture.

  • Ribbon Straps
  • With numerous types of ribbons for the straps, the Nutmeg bralette looks lovely. Striped grosgrain ribbon is vibrant and lively, whilst velvet ribbon provides a sense of elegance. Your garment's colour is altered by the ribbon you select. Use high-quality ribbons wherever possible because they will last a lot longer than cheap ribbons.

  • Lace Appliqués
  • Lace Appliques are created by twisting, looping, or knitting threads, or they can be sewed to a material that resembles mesh or tulle. A floral or botanical pattern is typical of an applique. Silk, cotton, metallic fibres, and synthetic fibres are only a few examples of the raw materials. Lace patches give fantastic creative potential. They look great on lingerie patterns when embellished with beads, sequins, rhinestones, or feathers.

  • Contrasting Elastic
  • Regular elastic cannot be stitched through, but lingerie elastic can be and will maintain its flexibility. Due to the necessity of pressing on the skin, it is also softer and thinner. To create a strong contrast, we chose a picot edge elastic in black for this undergarment. Check to see if your local fabric shop sells several lingerie elastic varieties. White, black, and champagne are the most popular hues. Go for it if you can locate alternate colours! Additionally, Sew Sassy offers a variety of lingerie elastic options. It's excellent to draw attention to the elastic.

  • Reversed Charmeuse
  • Charmeuse is a shiny fabric that originated from silk. It has a matte side and one side that is highly glossy. The right side can be used on either side. By contrasting the two sides of your outfit while utilising this opulent fabric, you can quickly add some intrigue. The result is breathtaking, even though it's quite easy to accomplish.

  • Applied Ribbon
  • Apply ribbons on the front of the legs for people who enjoy them. We suggest this for the Nutmeg knickers pattern, which lends itself to amusing embellishments like these. Carefully pin the ribbon because the fabric is cut on the bias. When you pin the ribbon, give the leg a little room to stretch. Before stitching it with a machine, we advise basting it in place. Better yet, hand sew it. When using a satin ribbon, only pin the edges because the ribbon will leave a mark if it is pierced.

  • Lace Inset
  • Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread that has open patterns and designs that may be constructed using a variety of techniques. Lace is a decorative fabric that is used to highlight and beautify apparel and home goods. You won't ever need to purchase another overpriced pair of French knickers from the internet again because these are such an easy and attractive alternative.

  • Rosette Ribbon
  • Rosettes are a delicate addition that is incredibly pleasant. They can be produced by hand using thin ribbon or purchased in stores in a variety of colours and sizes. Since only one is required, adding a rosette merely requires a few quick stitches to attach the flower.

  • Bow
  • Bows are a stylish addition to clothing. It is a typical hat decoration. The finished clothing is enhanced and made more beautiful with bows. These are occasionally used with buttons and are constructed of fabric. They are typically included in clothing for women and girls. It is the small size of the ribbon that increases the charm of the garment.


While fabrics are considered the major component in building a garment, trims are the materials that beautify any garment to make it look appealing and classy. In this modern era, where fashion industry trends just spread like fire and new trends come into place at a pace, trims can be made from any soft, comfortable, rash-free material, which can lift up any garment's look.

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