In this tutorial, we have given an account of the poem “Tree” that includes a summary, a detailed explanation of each stanza, and FAQs from the text. Through these notes, students can gain more knowledge of the chapter and prepare themselves for the examination through answers added in the tutorial.

Synopsis of the “Trees”

The poem is written by Shirley Bauer based on the theme of nature. The poet's focus in the entire poem is trees that allow humans to enjoy the time of their lives under their shade. The poem indicates how trees play an important role in our lives as they give us air and food to live peacefully. The poet tells how trees can give you happiness in multiple ways as birds make their nests and children build their treehouses on them. Trees are for hanging swings and for the wind to blow between them. The Trees are there for kids to hide behind them in a game, also for families to have a tea party, and for the kites to get stuck between its branches.

Trees can give you shade in summer and bring you warmth in winter. Trees can also provide you with healthy food like apples and grapes. Trees can help build your houses after they are cut down and they are also adored by mothers when we paint them on paper. Fathers sometimes get angry at trees as they have to collect the fallen dry leaves. But trees are always beautiful and helpful no matter what shape or season they are in. Trees always bring us happiness so we should love them back for their service to us. .

Detailed Explanation of Trees

Line 1 to 4

The first stanza of the poem describes the benefits of growing a tree in your house. The poem says that trees are the home for birds who make their nests on them and all the playhouses for kids who build tiny houses on its branches. But trees are also to enjoy the swings in summer as we can hang swings on its large branches.

Line 5 to 8

In the next four lines, the poet states that trees are the source of oxygen as the air passes through them and makes it pure for humans to breathe. Small children play hide and seek behind their big covers while their families enjoy tea under its shade. The speaker gives different examples of how trees are the support system of our lives. As when the kites get caught in the trees we can simply climb and take them down.

Line 9 to 12

In the second last stanza, the poet portrays how in different seasons trees make us feel comfortable. In summer they provide us with cool shade and save us from the heat of the sunlight.

On the other hand, they give us warmth from the sun when all the leaves fall in the winter season. Trees grow sweet and nutritious fruits for people like apples and pears. Even after cutting down, it creates shelter for humans by becoming timber and giving a roof over our heads.

Line 13 to 16

The final stanza expresses the emotions of humans toward the tree. As the poet says that mothers adore trees very much and draw their paintings to hang in their homes. Whereas dads sometimes feel annoyed when they have to collect fallen leaves.


To conclude, the poet tells that nature selflessly takes care of the needs of humans and we should show our gratitude towards it. We should preserve it and save it from the exploits done.


Qns 1. “The trees are to make no shade in winter.” What does this mean? (Contrast this line with the line immediately before it.) 

Ans. The above lines in the question state that the leaves of the tree usually fall during the winter season. They have empty branches which allow the sunlight to pass and get to the people sitting under them.

Qns 2. “Trees are for apples to grow on, or pears.” Do you agree that one purpose of a tree is to have fruit on it? Or do you think this line is humorous?

Ans. Here the poet is trying to say that one of the biggest purposes of trees is to provide food to human beings. Because food is one of our survival resources for us, the line does not contain any humorous meaning. However, trees give us much more things that we should be thankful for like oxygen but yes, fruits are one of them.


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