Treatment of Psychological Disorders

Psychological disorder or mental illness can be defined as the long radius of various psychological conditions or problems that influence our mood, imagination, and attitudes. When these problems create difficulties in daily life, they can be considered psychological disorders. Many people face psychological problems due to a lot of pressure and tension. Furthermore, these problems have various effects, some of which are life-threatening as well, so these problems need treatment as soon as possible.

Treatment for Psychological Disorder

The treatment for psychological problems can be provided by some professionals such as a psychiatrist, a person who can identify the psychological disorders and can suggest some medication as he/she is a medical doctor. A psychologist is a person who has a degree or doctorate, which includes treatment and training for diagnosed psychological problems. A Psychiatric social worker is a person with special training in psychological disorders to work with a team in a hospital and give treatment to a patient with mental illness. A counselor is a person with a degree in psychotherapy to help patients with anxiety and other stress-related problems.

Types of Treatments

There are two types of treatments that help to cure people with psychological disorders. Those are as follows -

Biomedical Treatments − This involves various medicines that help in curing psychological disorders. These treatments are often suggested by a doctor of medicine or by a psychiatrist. Psychologists who are specially trained can also suggest medicine for curing psychological problems. Various types of drugs are used in biomedical treatments. Those are:

  • Antipsychotic Medicine − This medicine is used for the treatment of reducing schizophrenia and hallucination

  • Antidepressants − This medicine is used for the treatment of people who are suffering from anxiety and depression. Medicine used as antidepressants is Monoamine oxidization inhibitors and Tricyclic antidepressants.

  • Lithium − This medicine is used to stabilize the mood of a person who has bipolar disorder.

  • Anxiolytics − Anxiolytics or tranquilizers are used for treating disorders related to anxiety.

  • Ritalin and Adderall − These medicines are used as stimulants suffering from over activity and distraction.

Psychotherapy − This involves various psychological methods that help in curing psychological disorders. The psychological methods involved in psychotherapy are as follows:

  • Psychoanalysis − Is a time-taking therapy composed of weekly sessions over some years, and it is a costly treatment. Through this therapy, one can understand their unconscious conflict. Becoming a psychoanalyst, psychologist, psychiatrist, and clinician with a master's degree can take training.

  • Psychodynamic − It is a therapy for a small period of time. This therapy is used to treat human behavior that is affected due to some early experience in childhood.

  • Interpersonal − It is a time-bound therapy that is particularly focused on the treatment of mood disorders. Its main purpose is to improve the patient's interpersonal relationships and social involvement.

  • Behavioral therapy − This therapy is short and particularly focused on the present issues in behavior, and it helps change the behaviors that are learned. This therapy mainly treats various phobias, anxieties, and post-traumatic stress disorders.

  • Cognitive therapy − Is short-term therapy, but its effects are long-lasting. It helps people modify their way of thinking about problems, and this is mainly used to treat depression.

  • Counseling − Counselling can be long-term or short-term, depending on the patient. It is a therapy that involves talking about their various issues with professional and trained individuals.

An effective way of curing psychological problems is psychotherapy. It works more than medicinal procedures. Because through the therapeutic process, a mental health professional can understand the patient's state of mind, feelings, and behaviors. If psychotherapy and medication are coupled to treat mental illness, it will be most effective, and the patient can recover more quickly.


From the above discussion, it is clear that psychological disorder is a serious issue and patients must consult a professional when he/she start facing some issues because ignoring them can cause serious future issues. After getting into treatment, the improvement cannot be realized easily and can take some time. For the improvement of the patient, the family members play a huge role in addition to the clinical treatments. The treatment of psychological disorders has some advantages and disadvantages as well. The advantages of the treatment include productivity improvement, helping in focusing on their lives and daily task, suicides can be prevented, helping to control the further deterioration of the condition, and many more. The treatment of psychological problems can be criticized in some ways as it sometimes leads to social abuse, especially if the patient is older. Inappropriate treatment lead to the deterioration of the patient's condition, which can be vulnerable from the ground of psychological and include post-psychiatric depression and anxiety.