To what extent are body tattoos acceptable in corporate offices?

Gone are the days when Tattoos were seen on the arms of sailors, football players and rock stars. Now nearly half of 18-40-year-olds have at least one tattoo on their body. The tattoo has become a way of expression.

Until recently, HR Managers were reluctant to hire somebody with a visible body tattoo. A spider web crawling over the neck of a Sales Manager may drive away the client. Psychological research says that tattoos and risk-taking behaviors go hand in hand.

But with the increasing prevalence of tattoos, especially among people below 35, the human resource managers are bending a little. They may hire you but ask to be "Formal in dressing", "dress professionally" or "be in business wear" when you visit the clients. It is often seen that those with tattoos who work in executive jobs, enforce their own private dress code.

Very few companies have an explicit no-tattoo policy at work.