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Time Management Masterclass

Created by Davida Shensky, Last Updated 06-Nov-2020, Language:English

Time Management Masterclass

Manage Your Tme More Effectively

Created by Davida Shensky, Last Updated 06-Nov-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Prioritizing your time
  • Improve organizational skills
  • Delegation work to subordinates
  • Discontinue Multi-tasking


  • Basic English
  • Basic computer skill
  • Internet connection


Benefits of Time Management

The ability to manage your time effectively is important. Good time management leads to improved efficiency and productivity, less stress, and more success in life. Here are some benefits of managing time effectively:

1. Stress relief

Making and following a task schedule reduces anxiety. As you check off items on your “to-do” list, you can see that you are making tangible progress. This helps you avoid feeling stressed out with worry about whether you’re getting things done.

2. More time

Good time management gives you extra time to spend in your daily life. People who can time-manage effectively enjoy having more time to spend on hobbies or other personal pursuits.

3. More opportunities

Managing time well leads to more opportunities and less time wasted on trivial activities. Good time management skills are key qualities that employers look for. The ability to prioritize and schedule work is extremely desirable for any organization.

4. Ability to realize goals

Individuals who practice good time management are able to better achieve goals and objectives, and do so in a shorter length of time.

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