This is Jody’s Fawn

Chapter Summary

“This is Jody's Fawn” is a touching story and it discusses about a little boy and his consciousness. In this story, a rattlesnake bites Jody's father and he killed a doe to save himself. He used the liver and heart of the doe for drawing out the poison. Jody was disturbed by thinking about the fawn and he thinks that leaving the fawn in the wood was not right. He convinces his family for taking the fawn home and raises him. His emotion and pure heart express that he will share his milk with the fawn. Finally, everyone agrees with his decision and goes to the forest for searching the fawn. He finds it and brings it home and the fawn is safe now and stays happily with Jody.

What had happened to Jody’s father?

This narrative describes that a rattlesnake bit Jody’s father in the wood. After the snake bites him, he instantly kills a doe and used its liver and heart for removing the poison. Jody gets upset thinking about the matter of the condition of the little fawn except his Ma. Jody’s father gets hurt when bitten by the snake but Jody cannot remove the tension of the little fawn from his mind. This incident describes the consciousness and pure heart of Jody.

Why does Jody want to bring the fawn home?

Jody was desperate for bringing home the fawn because he was tense about the condition of the little one. His thinking goes back to the fawn repeatedly and he thinks about him continuously. He said the fawn may be out of the forest and might be scared and hungry. This is the main reason for Jody for bringing it home and wanted in raising it. He goes to the extent that he says that he will feed him his own share of milk. The matter that the little fawn will be very scared and hungry hits his mind repeatedly and that is why he wants for bringing the child to their home.

How does Jody know that the fawn is a male?

Jody’s father had knowledge about the matters of forests and about the living beings of the forest. He tells Jody that if the spots on the fawn are all in a line, then it is a male fawn. Jody shares his knowledge about male fawn to Mill-wheel when he asked Jody how he knew that the fawn is a male. This story describes that Jody was worried about the little fawn and that is why he wants to bring it home and want to raise him. He convinces his family and goes to the forest with Mill-wheel for searching the fawn. On their way to the forest, Mill-wheel asked Jody this question.

Jody didn’t want Mill-wheel with him for two reasons. What were they?

Jody enters the forest with Mill-wheel and points out the place where the rattlesnake bites his father. He also mentioned the place where his father killed the doe and the place where he had seen the little one. Suddenly, he became unwilling to have Mill-wheel with him. He did this because he did not want to show his disappointment if the fawn was dead. Another reason is that if the fawn was there, then the joy in his eyes will express his emotion and he did not want to share it.

Why was Mill-wheel afraid to leave Jody alone?

Mill-wheel and Jody came to the forest for searching out the fawn whose mother was killed by Jody’s father. Although they came together for searching him, suddenly Jody was unwilling to have Mill-wheel with him. It is because he does not want to share or show his emotion before anyone when finds out about the fawn. However, Mill did not agree to leave the boy alone because he was afraid of the boy was lost or being bitten by the snake just like his father.

How did the deer drink milk from the gourd?

Jody goes for the kitchen and after that brings milk for the little fawn into a small gourd. Then he gave it to the fawn but he did nothing with the milk. After that, Jody poured his finger into the milk and poured it into the fawn’s mouth. He licked his fingers of Jody greedily and Jody did this repeatedly. He lowered his fingers into the milk and the fawn blew, sucked, and snorted. The fawn impatiently stamped its small hoofs and Jody closed his eyes dreamily and feels the tongue of the fawn against his hands. Then the last of the milk vanished in a swirl of foam and gurgling.

Jody’s father’s Response

Penny Baxter was the father of Jody and a snake in the forest bit him. After the snake bites him, he instantly kills a doe and with the help of the liver and heart of the doe removes the poison. The doe had a little fawn and Jody was disturbed thinking about the condition of the fawn without his mother. Although Penny Baxter had to kill the doe to save himself, he feels guilty for killing the doe. That is the reason when Jody wants to go to the forest for finding the fawn he allows Jody to find and raise it.

Jody’s mother’s reaction

Jody’s mother reacts astonishingly listening to the matter that Jody is going to bring the fawn home. She was pouring coffee for everyone and then Jody tells her the matter. In a reaction, she held the coffee pot in mid-air and in a note of question asked What fawn?

In hearing the matter, she gasped and said Well, for pity sake—. She had this reaction because she did not want to bring the fawn home. She only gives her consent if Jody shares his milk with it.


Q1. How did the doe save Penny’s life?

Ans. The doe or she deer is killed by Jody’s father and used her liver and heart for drawing out the snake’s poison. This is the track through which the doe saved Penny’s (Jody’s father) life.

Q2. How did Jody bring the fawn home?

Ans. Jody takes the fawn into his arms and went home. Then, he kept the fawn down and takes a rest and later the fawn follows him. Thus, he brings the fawn back home

Q3. Who expressed the line Nothing in the world ever comes quite free?

Ans. Doc Wilson utters the line and he wants to say that Penny must pay back the doe that he had killed for his sake by bringing up her fawn.