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The Complete Wireshark Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!
Learn to use Wireshark as a networking professional including troubleshooting, analysis, and protocol development!

    • Introduction to the course
      3 Lectures
    • Getting Started with Wireshark. How to set it up, install, and the interface
      3 Lectures
    • Key functions for use within Wireshark
      4 Lectures
    • Firewalls and Unauthorized Traffic with Wireshark
      2 Lectures
    • Introduction to Wireshark Command Line Interface and Tshark
      7 Lectures
    • Network card modes - motioning and remote capture
      5 Lectures
    • Tshark output formatting
      2 Lectures
    • Wireshark and nmap interaction
      2 Lectures
    • Tunneling Wireshark traffic online
      4 Lectures
  • Description

    Wireshark is much easier to learn when you take this course and try everything you see for yourself! Wireshark is a free open-source packet analyzer that is the number one tool for network analysis, troubleshooting, software and communications protocol development, and related education in networking. Knowing Wireshark gives you the ability to successfully apply for network administrator jobs and easily earn money as a freelancer online because Wireshark is an in demand skill!

    Use this course to speed up your learning with Wireshark with hands on tutorials showing you exactly what you can do in Wireshark founded on explanations of basic network terminology, installing Wireshark, and a review of the basic functions. The course begins with the basics and continues to dive deeper allowing you to follow along and try everything you see for yourself!

    What Will I Get ?

    • Use wireshark as an advanced user
    • Apply successfully for network admin jobs


    • A personal computer or equivalent system
    • Internet access to download the necessary software
The Complete Wireshark Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!
This Course Includes :

4.5 hours

32 Lectures

Lifetime Access

30-Days Money Back Guarantee


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