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The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course!
Learn full-stack web development using JavaScript (ReactJS, NodeJS, LoopbackJS, Redux and Material-UI)!

    • Introduction and Setup
      3 Lectures
    • Getting Started with ReactJS
      7 Lectures
    • Building a ReactJS Website
      11 Lectures
    • Rest API with LoopbackJS
      23 Lectures
    • Redux and Material-UI
      33 Lectures
    • WebSocket Chat Application
      19 Lectures
  • Description

    If you would like to master JavaScript and get started as a full-stack web developer, you are going to LOVE this course! Learn full-stack JavaScript development working on coding projects using ReactJS, NodeJS, LoopbackJS, Redux, Material-UI and socket programming

    We will work on the following 3 coding projects in this course:

    Calculator Application - We will go over the basics of what React is, how to create components and how to work within the React life-cycle. 

    Weblog - We will build a feature rich blog app using React and LoopbackJS. We will begin to explore the full-stack elements of JavaScript by coding our own REST API, and how the front and back-end can communicate with each other.

    Chat Application -  We will explore socket programming. With a web socket you can keep clients connected on the server side. We will program a chat app where you can create a user account, add other users and then message back and forth with them.

    This course was designed for students who have a basic understanding of front-end web development. It will be helpful if you know how to use HTML and CSS. A basic understanding of JavaScript is not required, but it will help you get up to speed with the tutorials.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to see you in the course!

    What Will I Get ?

    • Full-stack JavaScript
    • ReactJS
    • NodeJS
    • Rest API with LoopbackJS
    • Redux
    • Material-UI
    • Socket programming


    • Access to a personal computer or equivalent system
    • Internet access to download the necessary software
    • A basic understanding of HTML and CSS (front-end web development)
The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course!
This Course Includes :

24 hours

96 Lectures

Lifetime Access

30-Days Money Back Guarantee


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