The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing

You Think You Know What Outsourcing Is? Test Yourself

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Language - English Published on 09/2022


1. What is the meaning of Outsourcing? Give few examples of outsourcing.

2. What are the salient features of Outsourcing?

3. Generally non-core business activities are outsourced. Comment.

4. What is the need for outsourcing?

5. What are the factors which are responsible for the continuing emergence of outsourcing as a mode of business?

6. What are the various benefits of outsourcing?

7. What are the specific jobs which can be outsourced?

8. How outsourcing helps in cost reduction?

9. What are the various concerns over Outsourcing?

10. How outsourcing causes resentment in home countries?

11. What are the ethical concerns in relation to outsourcing?

12. Why a company may have to face quality issues in case of outsourcing?

13. What are the various advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?

14. How outsourcing may result in leakage of confidential information by the third party?

15. What is the scope of Outsourcing?

16. What are the four major segments of outsourcing?

17. What is the meaning of internal outsourcing?

18. What is meant by international outsourcing?

19. Why outsourcing is gaining importance?

20. Is outsourcing good or bad?

21. Why some people living in developed countries do not favour outsourcing?

22. How outsourcing is also beneficial for the economies of developed countries like U.S.A.?

23. Is outsourcing ethical or unethical?

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are interested to learn about Outsourcing

What Will I Get ?

1. What is the meaning of Outsourcing?

2. What are the salient features of Outsourcing?

3. What are the major reasons of outsourcing?

4. What are the concerns over outsourcing?

5. Why outsourcing is gaining importance? 


  • No skills, experience or tools required. Learner will understand everything he needs to know.

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