The Sony TV remote with speakers!

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This is one of those things that are ridiculous but practically cool, and something only Sony would dare to make. A TV remote with speakers. It is currently only meant for the Japanese market, and might remain there. The Japanese are more open to technology and love the conveniences and the complications it brings with it.

The Look

A lot of people think it is bizarre, but then it’s not innovative until it’s different. And it is purposeful. The look is unlike any remote you have ever seen. Unlike the futuristic Apple TV remote which you will be losing all the time within a punching distance, this will stay in your eye-sight even at 100 yards. As a guy who wants to save up on his energy all the time, I am sold!

It has a large volume dial on the right (if you are holding it the right way!), which can be pushed in, to mute the sound. That’s thoughtful.

How does it work

It essentially pairs a TV remote with a wireless speaker, which receives a 2.4GHz signal from dongle attached to your TV. It has a base station for charging, with a battery life of around 16 hours.

How useful is it?

We do live in a time when time-shifted TV and streaming services are gaining popularity. Pressing that pause button seems much better than spending over $160 on this remote. But we still have a vast majority of people like me who don’t own a TV or a service like that. And call me old-school, even if I owned time-shifted TV, sometimes I might just like to walk-away without hitting pause.

But it does seem to have another advantage that you might want to pay for. It brings the TV sound closer to you, whether you are watching TV in the living room, or taking a break in the loo or sweating it out in your exercise room. And since the speaker is already there, why not have a channel-changer? And if you are watching a fast paced, glass shattering, action-packed movie, you can ensure that nobody else in your house is losing their sleep over it. And yes it comes with a build in head-phone jack as well!

And you probably noticed it already, it comes with a handle to carry it along anywhere you want!

I believe Sony could have gone a little further and just added a home cellular phone functionality to it! Now wouldn’t that have piqued your interest!

Updated on 16-Jan-2020 10:53:53