The Maths Behind Value Generation

Tools for your business

  Hugo Miguel Pereira

   Business Development, Leadership, Business Strategy, Strategy, Financial Analysis

  Language - English

   Published on 06/2022



In this training we are about to talk about the Maths behind value generation!

Value generation (or Earnings) is a concept normally considered common sense for many, however only few really understand it. And even the ones that fully understand it, sometimes don't know what to do to increase it! That's why I have developed this training :)

In this training we are going to analyze the concept of Earnings in a simple way trying to explain it exploring the Maths supporting this concept. Complicated? Well, let me make it clear: we know that Earnings are equal to Revenues minus Costs and knowing this we are going to peel down revenues and costs in order to illustrate the different tools and strategies at your disposal to influence them and make your businesses grow!

So, in the first part we are going to define the concept of Earnings and then we are going to analyze the mathematical equation of the Earnings.

In the second part of the training we are going to explore in detail the mathematical equation using the example of a Retailing business, digging deeply into the different variables within the equation in order to understand the different that you have available to make your business grow!

I hope you like it, and most important, I hope it helps you and your business

Thank you,


What Will I Get ?

  • Understand the concept of Earnings
  • Identify the different variables that influence revenues maximization and costs minimization
  • Identify the different tools available for business owners and managers
  • How the different tools can be applied to local businesses, restaurants and retailing businesses


  • Curiosity and will to Learn and question yourself!
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