The diagonals of a rhombus measure $16\ cm$ and $30\ cm$. Find its perimeter.

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Let $PQRS$ be a rhombus, all sides of the rhombus have equal length, and its diagonal $PR$ and $SQ$ are intersecting each other at a point $O$. Diagonals in rhombus bisect each other at $90^{\circ}$.

So, $PO=(\frac{PR}{2})$


$=8\ cm$

And, $SO=(\frac{SQ}{2})$


$=15\ cm$

Then, consider the triangle POS and apply the Pythagoras Theorem,






$PS=17\ cm$

Hence, the length of the side of the rhombus is $17\ cm$


The perimeter of Rhombus$=4\times$Side of the Rhombus


$=68\ cm$

$\therefore$ Perimeter of Rhombus is $68\ cm$.
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