The Complete HTML Series with CSS and Examples

Learn Web Designing using HTML and CSS with examples

Course Description

You can immediately begin your web development career using basic HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are the two most important aspects of learning or preparing to learn web development.

They are simple to understand. This course will help you establish the markup language and cascade styling sheet's fundamental concepts if you wish to create a website or page.

Because every web page on the internet is written in the markup language, I will teach you the essential ideas of HTML and CSS from the start so you can grasp them quickly.

Even if you are not a programmer but work with CMS systems like WordPress, you must be familiar with themes and templates to change them.

I will begin by explaining what HTML is and how to download and install the editor; we will then explore how to use the elements. Then we will certainly discuss the case.

Using CSS - short for Cascading Style Sheets - it is possible to create appealing HTML/web pages.

We commence from scratch. What is CSS and how can I get started?

We are advanced: Once you have mastered the basic CSS, we will discuss how to employ Div, inline, and block-level elements.

Yes, this course contains both theory and practice, and you may quickly grasp all CSS fundamentals.

Here is an exhaustive list of the course's contents.

  • What exactly is HTML?
  • Installing and downloading the Text editor
  • What is makeup language
  • What are tags and how should they be used?
  • Images, Lists, Links, and Anchors
  • What exactly is CSS?
  • How to employ CSS (properties and values)
  • The editor composes HTML and CSS markup
  • Selectors and how to utilize them.
  • Background pictures and gradients are styled
  • How to work with text, fonts, and style
  • Guidelines for using padding and margin
  • Flexbox...! how to utilize it
  • Animating and transforming HTML components
  • Hints & tips


  • How to create/design web pages
  • How to style web pages
  • How to customize web pages
  • How to create HTML files
  • How to add CSS files to your HTML project
  • How CSS works
  • How to style your HTML elements
  • How to create HTML forms
  • How to use properties and values in CSS
  • How to use fonts, text, backgrounds, and much more in CSS


  • Editor
  • PC
  • Browser

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  • Html-and-css-front
  • IDE and Basic concepts
  • IDE and Basic conceptsx
  • Paragraph and heading in HTML
  • Image and anchor in HTML
  • Attributes & Elements in HTML
  • Comments and table
  • Divs in HTML
  • Lists in HTML
  • Block level and inline elements
  • Iframes in HTML
  • Usage of the head element
  • How to design the forms
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The Complete HTML Series with  CSS and Examples
This Course Includes
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  • 62 Lectures
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