The Complete Ethical Hacking Course 2.0: Python & Kali Linux

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The Complete Ethical Hacking Course 2.0: Python & Kali Linux

Learn how to become an Ethical Hacker using Python and use Kali Linux to perform penetration testing on networks

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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Course Description

Learn network penetration testing, ethical hacking using the amazing programming language, Python along with Kali Linux

[Latest Update] Note: Python 3.5.1 has been superseded by Python 3.5.6. Added new lectures

Course Description

  • The first half of the course is all about Python Introduction and Advanced training

  • The second half of the course is all about Penetration Testing using Python code

Are you ready to become a Penetration Tester and Ethical Hacker and enjoy a fascinating high paying career?

Or maybe you just want to learn additional tips and techniques taking to a whole new level?

Welcome to The Complete Ethical Hacking Course 2.0: Python & Kali Linux

This is by far the mother of all courses – It is not only a comprehensive course but with over 100 lessons, you are will not find a course similar to this.

It’s our most current, in-depth and exciting ethical hacking course to date.

We have designed the course especially for beginners and intermediate level students -no matter where you are in your web site development and coding journey—It is for sure that the future belongs to penetration testers and ethical hackers for protecting enterprise networks and seeking potential vulnerabilities within the network. We also use state-of-the-art editors that are easy to learn and use.

From zero to hero in just four weeks.

So, how is our course really different? Well – we go from beginner – right from scratch with no gloves on either and make you a web developer in 8 weeks or so. It is your pace – your time really

“This is such an awesome course. I loved every bit of it – Awesome learning experience!” Sami Shah.

Join thousands of other students and share valuable experience and projects

Get started today and join thousands of our happy students, many of whom have changed careers, created second incomes or added critical new skills to their tool kits. Our students have become successful web developers and are earning six figure salaries. Some are freelancing and earning even more with high scaled projects.

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Enroll now in The Complete Ethical Hacking Course 2.0: Python & Kali Linux today and revolutionize your learning. Start with scratch and learn the fundamentals. Jump right in and take an in-depth look into the website development front-end and back-end functionality and features. Start building powerful e-commerce web sites and apps and cash-earning websites today—and enjoy bigger, brighter opportunities.

Ready to open new doors and become a smart, in-demand penetration tester? You do need to put effort though! Penetration testing is a great skill to add to your existing expertise or if you are a beginner

See you in class

Syed Raza, Team ClayDesk, and co-instructors


What will you learn in this course:

  • The Complete Ethical Hacking Course 2.0: Python & Kali Linux is a comprehensive online course that teaches students how to perform ethical hacking using Python and Kali Linux. The course covers a wide range of topics, including network scanning, enumeration, vulnerability analysis, web hacking, wireless hacking, and social engineering.
  • The course is divided into several sections, each focusing on a specific topic. Students will learn how to use tools like Nmap, Metasploit, and Wireshark to perform various hacking techniques. They will also learn how to write their own Python scripts to automate the hacking process.
  • In addition to technical skills, the course also covers the ethical and legal aspects of hacking. Students will learn how to stay within legal boundaries and respect the privacy of others while performing ethical hacking.
  • The course is suitable for beginners who have little or no experience in ethical hacking. However, it is also beneficial for experienced hackers who want to enhance their skills and learn new techniques.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • You need to be tech savvy

  • You also need a fast internet connection

  • A minimum of 8 GB RAM on your computer is recommended

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course 2.0: Python & Kali Linux


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

3 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 02:53 02:53
  • play icon Course Agenda 05:04 05:04
  • play icon Why Program? 14:12 14:12
The Basic of Python
4 Lectures
Basic Python Programing
4 Lectures
Functions in Python Languages
9 Lectures
Python Variables and Lists
4 Lectures
Python Conditionals
6 Lectures
3 Lectures
Penetration Testing
2 Lectures
Downloading and Installing Important Softwares
5 Lectures
Python and Kali Linux
5 Lectures
SQL Mapping
6 Lectures
Course Conclusion
1 Lectures
Resources - Source Code
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Syed Raza

Syed Raza

Hello, my name is Syed Raza, CEO of ClayDesk E-Learning and I am passionate about teaching valuable skills to students who are motivated to learn! My goal is to help you easily achieve your goals and objectives, whether that means enhancing your existing skill set, gain productivity at workplace, differentiate yourself, learning the new technological skills that are required to improve your career.

Over the last 20 years, I have acquired valuable skill sand experience that allow me to provide you with great learning experience. I have numerous technical IT and developer certifications (MCSE+I, MCT, CCNA—including a PhD Management—which enable me to teach a variety of powerful courses, from IT to Project Management.

Providing technical and training solutions using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift, Python, Java, JavaScript, React JS, GCP, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, and Docker

DevOps Engineer building AWS pipelines using CodeStar and CodeCommitt

Working knowledge of TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras, Convolutional networks, and data science concepts

Of course, as my student, you are my #1 priority. All of my courses are designed to cater to ensure wide variety of audience. For example, if something remains unclear to you, or you need help understanding anything within my course, just send me a message and I will be happy to spend some one-on-one time with you in order to clarify and provide answers to your questions. This is to ensure you learn better and retain the knowledge. My courses will help you gain real world skills and knowledge and change your life today.

Thank you for your interest in my courses, and in me as an instructor. I look forward to seeing you in one of my lectures very soon.

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