The Best Sex Positions for a High Sex Drive

Sex drives of people differ, but if you are your partner has reached the point of high sexual drive, then it opens up various opportunities to go wild and crazy.

A high sex drive is a point during sex when passion is at its peak, and both of you are ready to try something new. It allows you to enjoy some of the best sex positions that involve deep thrusting and vigorous body movements. However, it would help if you didn't forget that people respond differently to different approaches. Some may like dirty talk, while some may get totally turned off. So, whenever you are trying new positions, switch to them very gently, and it also helps if you have a detailed conversation with your partner beforehand.

Now, coming back to the point, let's discuss some of the best sex positions to try during a high sex drive −

Elevated Missionary

Missionary is the most passionate position loved by every couple. Having constant eye contact with your partner while having sex is the best thing one can wish for. However, during high sex drive, you can turn the missionary position up a notch and add some variations to it. 

The best one to start with is the Elevated Missionary. In this position, you have to place a pillow under your partner's posterior to raise her pelvis. This gives more angles for penetration while allowing your partner to lie more comfortably. This position is even better for rapid thrusts and body movement.

You can add more variations to keep the fire burning, such as the launch pad position, where you rest her legs on your chest. This gives a better angle for penetration, including a slight push from her feet to raise the passion even higher.

The Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is similar to the doggy style, except it involves extra fun and earth-shattering movements. It's better to start with the doggy style, and once your partner gets comfortable in the position, you can throw this card. 

Stand up or stay in the doggy position if standing up is too hard. Slowly lift your partner's legs, wrap them around your waist, and hold her waist using your hands. This is a great position for both vaginal and anal sex and an excellent way to go deep. With the proper pressure and movement, you can hit her erogenous zones that are hard to reach using conventional positions.

This position could be challenging as it demands some abdominal and arm strength from the receiving partner. You can make it easier for your partner by asking her to lie on their stomach on an elevated surface, such as a table or bed, while her leg is wrapping behind your waist for proper support.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation may lack penetration, but it allows lovers to enjoy their high sex drive without doing any physically intensive tasks. It is a combination of voyeurism and foreplay. Everyone has a kink for voyeurism; seeing your partner all hot and drenched in passion can crank up the intensity. Nobody knows our bodies more than us. We know what triggers us toward orgasm and what delay the pleasure. It could also be a teaching moment between partners as they get to know the stimulating factor of the other one. 

It is non-verbal communication between partners as you show each other what you like. Once you get the cues, time to move on for passionate foreplay. Ask her to take your hands, guide it toward her erogenous zone, and do the same thing with her. Don't let anything bar you from exploring the nooks and crannies of each other body. 

The Seashell

Taking the missionary position to another level, the seashell is an excellent position to try when both of you are on a high sex drive. It involves some flexibility from the receiver side, but not as tricky as the wheelbarrow. 

Ask your partner to lift her legs and tuck them behind her ears or lift them as high as possible. This gives more access to you to penetrate from different angles and hit multiple spots. Penetrating from the lower angle gives you the opportunity for shallow thrusts, resulting in longer sessions. From the upper angle, you will be able to hit the vulva, G-spot, and may even the cervix, which could be pretty intense. 

Remember, this position can result in faster climaxing, so you may need to do some edging in between. Try 69 or mutual masturbation to slow down the intensity and delay ejaculation.


Yab-yum is also known as the lotus sex position that allows you to enjoy slow yet powerful sexual sparks. It is a combination of yoga, meditation, and sex. Start by sitting upright with your legs folded and place your partner on your lap while her legs wrapped around your waist and arms around your shoulder. 

This allows you for deep penetration from all sides, such as back and forth and side-to-side, whatever rocks your boat. The sex can be even more thrilling and invigorating as you inches closer to your partner with both of you breathing on each other.


This is also a position where you give more control to the receiver while you lie down on your back and let her crack the whip. This is a position that involves less thrusting and more rocking and grinding through the pelvis. The best part is that it is more pleasurable for the receiving partner as she can move her body the way she likes and enjoy the penetration from 360-degree angles. 

Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl is precisely like the cowgirl, but the person on the top faces the other side with her back toward your face. This is another position that women love as they enjoy a different sensation and see a different view. This is a position that stimulates the clitoris during penetration, making her reach orgasm faster.


It's important to know that sex can only be enjoyed when both of you have high sex drives. You must ensure your partner is on the same page as you, or it could kill her mood if you try something that she is not ready to experience. If your sex drive doesn't match your partner, you may need to put some extra effort into bringing her on board, and for this, foreplay is the way to go.

Updated on: 01-Feb-2023

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