The Art of Getting your Dream Job

Learn How i was selected in companies like LinkedIn , Yahoo , ZEE , NDTV , TimesofIndia and many more without any reference

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the course – The Art of Getting Your Dream Job, I am your coach Pushpesh Singh and I am really excited to welcome you to this entire course.

This is a 6 Module course that takes you all the way from finding your niche in terms of what you exactly want from a Job all the way to leaving a long-lasting impact on the interviewer and proving, you are an asset for the Organization.

The course is all about breaking the myths of Job hunting from avoiding the biggest mistakes of resume writing to the tricks of cracking an interview. what I have done is condensed my 15+ Years of Leadership experience while working with companies like ZEE , LinkedIn , NDTV ,Yahoo , Times of India etc , and have put it in the form of this 6 Module course.

Talking about the course , the course will cover the following :

  • Lesson 1: Finding your Niche  -Find and identify your unique Niche so that you know what you love in your future job
  • Lesson 2: Building Impactful Resume - Learn how to make an Impressive Resume which gets you a Job Interview
  • Lesson 3: Boss Hunting & LinkedIn Profile -  Learn the real art of boss hunting rather than just waiting to be hunted by a recruiter also learn the strategies of building your professional brand on LinkedIn
  • Lesson 4: Searching your Dream Job - Learn the tricks of beating an applicant tracking system and how to search for a job in the most effective manner 
  • Lesson 5: Art of Cracking an Interview - Learn why you ultimately get a job and what kind of questions you should ask from your employer and most importantly what are the things you must avoid in an interview 
  • Lesson 6: Negotiation skills - learn Negotiation and convincing skills and prove you are an asset to the company

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Pushpesh Singh

Career & Life Coach


  • Learn the tricks of beating an applicant tracking system and how to search a job in the most effective manner

  • Learn the Art of Boss hunting and building your professional Brand on LinkedIn

  • Learn the Art of cracking a Job Interview and leaving a long lasting impact on the Interviewer

  • Learn how to make an Impactful resume which can get you a Job Interview

  • Learn Negotiation and convincing skills so that you get paid what you deserve and also prove that you are an asset for the company.


  • You should have a passion and intention to invest in yourself and you must also have the ability to learn and flexibility to learn new methods of job search

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  • Finding Your Niche , what you Love in a Job
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The Art of Getting your Dream Job
This Course Includes
  • 4.5 hours
  • 6 Lectures
  • 12 Resources
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