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Test Driven Development in C++
This course is an introduction to developing C++ using Test Driven Development.

    • Introduction
      1 Lectures
    • Overview of Test Driven Development
      5 Lectures
    • Setting Up Your Development Environment
      7 Lectures
    • Google Test Overview
      1 Lectures
    • The Supermarket Checkout Kata
      7 Lectures
    • Overview of Test Doubles
      5 Lectures
    • TDD Best Practices
      1 Lectures
    • Conclusion
      2 Lectures
  • Description

    This course is an introduction to developing C++ utilizing Test Driven Development.  The course does the following:

    • Explain what Test Driven Development (TDD) is.
    • Explain why writing your code using Test Driven Development is important.
    • Provide an overview of Google Test, Google's C++ TDD Framework.
    • Provide examples of setting up Google Test in several different popular C++ development environment.
    • Provide examples of actual TDD working sessions.
    • Provide an overview of Test Doubles and how to implement them using the Google Mock.
    • Provide examples of TDD working sessions utilizing test doubles.
    • Review best practices to follow when utilizing TDD.
    • Homework assignments to help you gain experience with TDD on your own as you work through the course.
    • Quizes to test your knowledge on from the material on each section of the course.

    What Will I Get ?

    • Understanding what unit testing and Test Driven Development are and how they help you.
    • Understanding what the Google Test testing library is and how it is used for writing unit tests in C++.
    • How to setup some common C++ development environments to use Google Test.
    • What are some Best Practices for unit testing and Test Driven Development.
    • Work through some hands on example programming sessions using TDD in C++.


    • Basic proficiency with the C++ programming language.
    • A C++ development environment already configured in either Windows, Linux, or OS X.
    • An internet connection for downloading libraries.
Test Driven Development in C++
This Course Includes :

2 hours

29 Lectures

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