Teach your kids the Entrepreneurial mindset.

Learn how your kids can build an identity, a purpose, and a home business, while having fun!

  German Coppola

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   Published on 05/2022



Teaching our kids to start building an entrepreneurial mindset is critical for building the foundation of a successful life.

Maybe they become entrepreneurs, or they work for someone else. Perhaps they are solopreneurs. Whatever the case, the values and the understanding of following a purpose and creating a system will guide them to comprehend better how to achieve their goals successfully.

This course will walk you through all the steps I have taken with my three kids and how I have transformed chores into a purpose, an identity, and fun activity by creating a business.

I call my kids "homepreneurs" since they operate from home and create and add value to whatever they do. Consequently, they get paid, and they need to follow a process and rules preestablished by both the parents and the kids.

The main point is to teach them resilience, consistency, effort, and achievement as part of their life skill set. Understanding the concept of "Delayed Gratification" is critical to teach them the value of executing and following the necessary steps to get things done.

By no means is this a painful activity. My kids have a blast. They have created their logos company names, use digital tools for invoicing me, and get paid through digital transfers in real-time, and they are constantly searching for the next big thing.

Hope to see you in Lesson 1.

What Will I Get ?

  • Building an Entrepreneurial mindset for kids
  • Building their own brand and identity
  • Teaching to spot opportunities
  • Resilience, methodologies and effort to succeed.


  • Be a parent
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