Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani is the owner of Tahiliani Design Studio, where he produces his one-of-a-kind signature styles. He is the most prominent Indian fashion designer who did not forget his heritage and roots but updated his style of fashion with the times and made himself a brand. He is a brand himself.

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Tarun Tahiliani was born and raised in Mumbai in a traditional Sindhi family. His father, R H Tahiliani, was an Admiral in the Indian Navy. He was the Chief of the Naval Staff of the Indian Navy and was the Governor of Sikkim. His mother, Jaswanti Tahiliani, was the first female engineer in Mumbai. Tahiliani studied at Campion School, Mumbai, and then went to The Doon School, which is a boarding school in Dehradun, He went to the US, New York, for one year for education at Vassar College for one year and also went to Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, for a Business Management degree.

His name is enough for a garment, and his remarkable designs can make us stunned. Tarun Tahiliani is the co-founder of the first multi-designer boutique in India, Ensemble. Tarun Tahiliani has many clothing designs. He produces various accessories and designer clothing in his fashion, but his bridal collections are the most popular.

Tarun Tahiliani’s Career

In the year 1987, Tarun Tahiliani started Ensemble with his wife, Sailaja ‘Sal’ Tahiliani, in Mumbai. At that time, designer Rohit Khosla helped them, and after starting his own company, Tahiliani Design Studio, in 1990, in Delhi,

The fashion house was associated with five designers: American fashion designer Neil Bieff; Anita Shivdasani and Sunita Kapoor; Anuradha Mafatlal; Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla; and Rohit Khosla.

He has now, after twenty-five years of hard work, achieved enormous success in the fashion industry. Tarun Tahiliani, along with his sister Tina Tahiliani Parikh, started various stores and boutiques in Mumbai and Delhi. Tina Tahiliani joined her brother’s business in 1990.

Tarun Tahiliani’s marvellous bridal designs were first noticed when Jemima Khan wore his special designer bridal dress in her marriage to Imran Khan, and after that, all brides loved his amazing designs for special occasion dresses.

In a recent interview, Tarun Tahiliani said about his bridal designs “I think the key bridal trends for 2022 are the long sheer veil, which is a Tarun Tahiliani staple, but now people are on the lookout for veils with trails. The second fun trend is that brides seem to be coming up with their own baraats. I think there is no more ‘kanyadaan’, there is only ‘kanyamaan’, so in an assertion of their own independence, brides are totally coming further and coming as they wish. The last trend that I have noticed is brides looking natural with their hair open and wearing one piece of jewelry as opposed to the overkill that has happened so far. They are looking more and more like themselves, which is a beautiful trend.

Interior Designer Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani has been working on several projects in interior design. We can see Tarun Tahiliani’s designwork on hotels like The Sofala, in Goa; restaurants like The Aish at the Park in Hyderabad; and various resorts and homes. He also started event design for Indian weddings.

Tarun Tahiliani is also doing humanitarian work, like he is working with Save the Children India and urging the Indian government to increase the health budget to 3 percent ahead of the budget in the new announcement.


We should not forget our roots. Whatever happens, whatever we say, our tradition, our heritage, is always our identity. We are representatives of our culture. Tarun Tahiliani has been working with this notion and has been making his identity in the Indian fashion industry and the fashion industry of the world. He made our bridal clothing unique with his signature style of clothing. Thus, here, Tarun Tahiliani’s life and work are described briefly.


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