Tackling Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Making the Workplace Safer and More Humane

  Anna Thompson

   Business, Human Resources, Bullying Prevention

Language - English Published on 07/2022

  • Prologue
  • Introduction
  • Module Companion E-workbook
  • Part 1 - What are bullying and harassment?
  • Part 2 - What causes bullying and harassment?
  • Part 3 - What are the costs of bullying and harassment?
  • Part 4 - How do we prevent bullying and harassment?
  • Part 5 - How do we respond to bullying and harassment?
  • Conclusion
  • Epilogue


Sadly, bullying and harassment continue to be significant problems in a wide variety of workplaces, despite the immense harm they can do to individuals, to team morale and to the organization as a whole (for example, in terms of recruitment and retention of staff). The value and effectiveness of treating employees and colleagues with respect and dignity are still not appreciated by many organizations that allow bullying and harassment to persist. This course highlights the significance of bullying and harassment in the workplace and provides guidelines on what to do to prevent them and to respond if or when they do arise.

There is much talk these days of a commitment to investing in health and wellbeing in the workplace, but issues around bullying and harassment – which are, of course, major obstacles to health and wellbeing – are often not considered as part of this.

But, even in the best-run organizations, such problems are not entirely absent. This course therefore explores what is needed to tackle bullying and harassment in the workplace. There are no simple or formula solutions – the issues are too complex for that – but there are steps that can be taken to keep such problems out of the workplace as far as possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Managers and HR professionals across all sectors, plus anyone interested in developing safer, more humane workplaces

What Will I Get ?

  • Appreciate the harmful consequences of bullying and harassment in the workplace

  • Develop an understanding of what constitutes bullying and harassment

  • Be better prepared to prevent bullying and harassment and to respond appropriately

  • Be more confident in promoting dignity at work


All that you need is a desire to learn more about bullying and harassment and how to tackle them.

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