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Survey of Python for GIS Applications
Introduction to the python language and ecosystem for GIS professionals

    • Introduction
      6 Lectures
    • Installing Python
      3 Lectures
    • Getting started with Python
      5 Lectures
    • Operators and expressions in Python
      3 Lectures
    • Complex data structures
      8 Lectures
    • Program control
      4 Lectures
    • User Input
      3 Lectures
    • Functions
      6 Lectures
    • Error Handling in Python
      2 Lectures
    • Modules
      1 Lectures
    • Objects in python
      7 Lectures
    • Python packages, virtual environments, and documentation
      5 Lectures
    • Formal testing in python
      2 Lectures
    • Working with the operating system and files
      14 Lectures
    • Working with database data
      3 Lectures
    • The python data science stack
      5 Lectures
    • Geospatial analysis in python
      7 Lectures
  • Description

    This course covers the basics of the python language, the python language, and the core python packages for data analysis, especially of geospatial data. The goal of the course is to provide a broad introduction to the capabilities of python and how all the various packages work together. This will provide a starting point for deeper exploration on your own or in future courses.

    • Introduction to python

    • Object oriented python

    • Packages and modules

    • Unit tests

    • Jupyter notebooks

    • Numpy

    • Matplotlib

    • Pandas

    • Fiona and shapely

    • Geopandas

    • Rasterio

    • Geocoding

    What Will I Get ?

    • An introduction to the language and its core principles.
    • An introduction to object oriented programming in python.
    • Finding and using third party python modules.
    • Working with the operating system
    • Working with files
    • Working with databases
    • Reading spatial data with GDAL/OGR
    • Visualizing data with Matplotlib and other tools
    • Data Analysis with pandas and geopandas
    • Jupyter Notebooks


    • This course is not a beginner programming course. I assume you have some programming knowledge, i.e. what . variable is, what an expression is, what a loop is, what a function is, etc. But i do go over the basics of how all those things are implemented in
Survey of Python for GIS Applications
This Course Includes :

13.5 hours

84 Lectures

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