State two experiences that made you think that air exerts pressure $(other\ than\ those\ given\ in\ the\ text)$.

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Air exerts pressure:

Air exerts pressure because air is a mixture of molecules of different gases and these molecules interact and collide with each other. We experience air pressure in many situations in our daily life.

Experiences that show that air exerts pressure:

The following two examples show the existence of air pressure. Let us discuss two experiences that made us think that air exerts pressure

1. Drinking straws:

When we drink any water or juice with the help of a straw, it is a real-life example that shows that there is pressure in the air. To drink something with the help of a straw, we inhale the air from our mouth inwards and the liquid material reaches our mouth with the help of the straw. This shows that air exerts pressure.

2. Blowing a balloon:

When we blow up a balloon, the balloon gets tighter. If we try to inflate more air, the balloon explodes after a certain point. This happens because the air exerts pressure.

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