State two differences between a convex and a concave lens.

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Convex Lens:

The lens converges a beam of light after passing through it. Its upper and lower edges are thin and the middle part is thick. A convex lens is also said to be a converging lens as it converges the light rays.

Concave Lens:

A lens that diverges after a beam of light passes through it. Its outer surface is bent inward. A concave lens is also said to be a diverging lens as light rays get diverged after passing through a concave lens.

Difference Between Convex and Concave Lens:

Convex LensConcave lens
A convex lens has thin edges with a thick center.
A concave lens has thick edges with a thin center.
A convex lens is called a positive lens because of a positive focus distance.
A concave lens is called a negative lens because of a negative focus distance.
A convex lens is used to correct far-sightedness.
To cure short-sightedness, a concave lens is used.
A convex lens is converging in nature.A concave lens is diverging in nature.

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