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SQL Made Easy for Beginners

Created by Arun Motoori, Last Updated 05-Jun-2020, Language:English

SQL Made Easy for Beginners

Step by Step, Easy, In Detailed, Well Organized Videos along with Interview Questions (Includes MySQL and Oracle)

Created by Arun Motoori, Last Updated 05-Jun-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • SQL from Basics to the Advanced Level
  • Learning SQL on both popular MySQL and Oracle RDBMS Software


  • All the pre-requisites are covered in this course itself. Having some basic computer knowledge will be enough.


This course will teach you how to use the SQL language with MySQL and Oracle, by covering all the topics of SQL from scratch to advanced level in a detailed, step by step, practical, solution oriented and easiest manner. 

Check the course contents to see the number of topics I covered int this video course to make you an SQL expert by teaching the SQL from basics and scratch to the advanced level.

Course Content

Arun Motoori

Selenium Expert and Training Specialist having 12 plus QA Experience

I am a software testing professional since 2007 (12 years of experience). I am a Selenium Training Expert since 2013. I love training in an organized, easy, practical and solution oriented manner. Subscribe to my course and feel the difference.