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SQL 101

Created by Thomas Fragale, Last Updated 24-Oct-2020, Language:English

SQL 101

Learn how to create queries in SQL

Created by Thomas Fragale, Last Updated 24-Oct-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn SQL


In today's world, there's a ton of data that has to be reviewed and analyzed. Each individual transaction is meaningful unto itself, but the collection of data can show trends or metrix which may be very important to the decision making process needed for a successful business. The problem is that the end-user is in many cases responsible to manage their own data, because many IT depts don't have the manpower to do that task like they used. SQL, or structured query language has become an important tool in summarizing and analyzing data. The SQL language is used in many applications including: Access, SQL Server, Oracle , SAP , SAAS, and many others. It really has become critical for many people to learn this skill, so people can run their own queries, and get the information they are looking from the raw data.

Topics Include:

  • Select statements
  • Giving the output field a different name 
  • Using Where statements to get the exact records you are looking for
  • Using Order By statements to sort the data
  • Creating Subtotals with the Group By statement
  • Introduction to joining tables together

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