SQL Introduction: SQL Crash Course.

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SQL Introduction: SQL Crash Course.

SQL, Postgres

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Course Description

You will learn many tips and tricks in PostgreSQL to query data through the following Topics covered in this course:

Using Real World PostgreSQL Database Airlines Database.

  • What is a Database

  • SQL database for beginners.

  • Installing PostgreSQL database.

  • Creating Tables in database using SQL.

  • Drop table from SQL database

  • SELECT Statement use with SQL database data querying 

  • WHERE Clause use with SQL database data querying 

  • Operators used with Where clause in SQL database data querying .

  • AND & OR use with SQL database data querying 

  • like use with SQL database data querying .

  • Filtering Operators use with SQL database data querying .

  • ORDER BY use with SQL database data querying .

  • LIMIT use with SQL database data querying .

  • DISTINCT use with SQL database data querying .

  • Renaming Column in SQL database.

  • Functions use with SQL database data querying .

  • GROUP BY & HAVING Clauses use with database data querying .

  • Aggregation Queries in SQL database.

  • CASE Clause use with database data querying .

  • Time & date data in SQL in database.

  • Challenges for more SQL practice in this course. 

Why you Should Learn Structured Query Language (SQL)? 

SQL used to be originally created to enable non-IT professionals to query facts from datasets except wanting to ask a programmer for help. SQL aimed to be a whole lot greater effective than interfaces such as question through example, and greater bendy than prebuild reports. The goal was once to enable new approaches of inspecting and querying present data.

SQL is a declarative language – the consumer tells the database which information is required and the database decides how to function the command. The emphasis is on the end result of the manner rather than the technique itself – the ends as an alternative than the means. This contrasts to the ancient way of programming, in which the user had to describe the statistics gathering step-by-step. However, the success and efficiency of SQL depends upon customers asking the right questions, and this is where SQL can help. SQL teaches database users how to pleasant phrase their questions in order to receive the fastest, most accurate solutions from the database.

Besides being in a position to use SQL to query databases, gaining knowledge of it additionally encourages us to build effective mental fashions to suppose about data. We acquire and store more and greater facts – and being be successful of reasoning that statistics is a effective mental ability. Just suppose of all the records accrued by using large social networks or corporations that defend the free world!

PostgreSQL is free, open and unlimited, PostgreSQL is on hand for free and it is open. It will by no means be bought. This makes it the exceptional device for getting to know about relational databases. PostgreSQL has very exhaustive and designated documentation. Although hard on the beginner – it is challenging to discover an easy entry factor – having mastered the first step, you will in no way run out of facts to further your knowledge.

May also be the ultimate reply when your development stalls – which isn’t precisely comforting, but a lot better than knowing there is no viable answer.

Relational databases are nonetheless the workhorses of the laptop industry. PostgreSQL has an advanced implementation of SQL and is very close to the SQL standard. So your know-how would be of use as it is transferable, so different SQL databases are reachable to you.

It’s correct for your thought – and your career!

Still want convincing that gaining knowledge of SQL is worth it? 

Well, in addition to developing new neural pathways in your brain, it could do wonders for your profession possibilities as it will make you a applicable candidate. Having “PostgreSQL knowledge” in your CV and on-line profile will almost clearly attract the attention of recruiters.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Using Real World PostgreSQL Database Airlines Database.

  • Use SQL to create databases.

  • Use SQL to Query & retrieve data from databases.

  • Use SQL to Sort records after retrieving from databases.

  • Use SQL to Filter data by using where clause.

  • Use SQL to Group data by specific conditions.

  • SQL Challenge to test what you are learning.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Computer and internet.

  • No prior knowledge required for this course

SQL Introduction: SQL Crash Course.


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

4 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 04:48 04:48
  • play icon PostgreSQL User-interface Installing & Downloading 03:02 03:02
  • play icon PostgreSQL Database Creation 01:09 01:09
  • play icon PostgreSQL Database Restore 01:13 01:13
Airline Database Overview
3 Lectures
SQL Basics Part 1
4 Lectures
SQL Basics Part 2
5 Lectures
SQL Basics Part 3
5 Lectures
SQL Aggregations
5 Lectures
SQL Conditional.
3 Lectures
SQL Time Data management
4 Lectures
SQL Challenges
8 Lectures
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Temotec Academy

Temotec Academy

In these days Technology & Programming have became  the soul of our life, So learning to code is very important for everyone.

I'm  a programmer & Data Scientist , I have mastered many programming Languages  such as Python, SQL & R , I have also a great experience with tools like Excel, Tableau, Jupyter Notebook,  and R Studio, also Have great passion for Technology Teaching  and sharing  knowledge with community.

Lifelong learning is a form of self-initiated education that is focused on personal development. While there is no standardized definition of lifelong learning, it has generally been taken to refer to the learning that occurs outside of a formal educational institute, such as a school, university or corporate training online courses.

 I will update my courses every month to add new sections of your choice to meet your expectations.

So don't wait and enroll in my courses Now.

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