Spring Boot REST & Angular + Full Stack Application!

Learn Spring Boot, REST API, Restful Webservices, Spring WebFlux, Java Script, Angular, Type Script, Oauth, etc


Are you looking for a Job, and your employer is asking for the following skill set?

Spring Boot, REST API, Restful Webservices, Reactive Programming, Spring WebFlux, Java Script, Angular, Type Script, Oauth, NoSQL, etc

Well, You are in the right place!

“Spring Boot REST with Angular” Is a course that will help you get those skills, in shortest time possible. So that you can, not only apply for these jobs and clear their interview, but can also work on real time Spring projects.

If you are an Architect, it’s an absolute must to have knowledge on these concepts to make right project decisions or to comfortably take part in team discussions.

I’ve been dealing with Spring Projects since 2012 and on Angular since 2017. I’ve also taught/mentored many individuals worldwide and helped them reach their goals.

This course is taught in beginner friendly way and the only expectation from you, is that you know Java and some basic understanding of Spring Framework.

In the end of this course, we will also create an End-to-End full stack application. So, that you will put everything you’ve learnt in this course in to practice. This will give you exposure to, how these technologies work together.

If you need any help while you are taking this course, I am just a message away. I mean, I come with so much of experience in the industry, for what? Is to help individuals like you, get a better career.

Highlights of this course on ‘Spring Boot REST & Angular’

  • You will learn all the essential concepts of Spring REST

  • You will learn Spring WebFlux to leverage the benefits of Reactive Programming

  • You will learn Spring O’Auth and JWT

  • You will be introduced to Spring Boot and it’s Features

  • You will Learn Angular and it’s features (3 Hour Angular Crash Course)

  • We will create an end-to-end Full stack application from scratch!

  • You will gain enough knowledge to start working on related projects

  • You will comfortably understand any other JavaScript Framework with ease

  • Struck somewhere while learning? I am just a message away, to help you out.

  • This course is made in beginner friendly way

  • You will clear job interviews on this subject (or) comfortably work on spring projects

  • 30-Day Refund policy.

Why should you learn Spring Boot REST?

  • Pretty much all the modern day applications are built on the principles of REST API to expose webservices.

  • Spring is the most popular framework to build RESTful Webservices

  • Understanding of Spring REST is necessary, before you move on to learn Spring Microservices

  • Having knowledge on REST will enable you to use any third party API’s without hiring a developer.

  • Spring Boot is a framework to create microservices on cloud. If you are learning spring, then it’s an absolute must to learn ‘Spring Boot’. It will allow you to develop spring apps, with a lot of ease.

This course will talk about pretty much all the Spring REST concepts with beautiful examples (Including O’Auth, Reactive programming, etc), In beginner friendly way.

This course will also give you a brief understanding on Spring Boot and it’s features. Along with examples.

Check the complete curriculum below..

Why should you learn Angular?

  • Angular is the front end app, that makes REST API Calls to a remote webservice created using spring.

  • Angular is the most popular front end JavaScript framework

  • Knowledge on Java Script framework is an absolute must for any job role

  • Learning about angular will lay a solid foundation to learn any other JavaScript frameworks like React, Node, Vue JS, etc.

Although, this course is not an exclusive course on Angular, this course includes a 3 Hour crash course on Angular, that will familiarize you with all the Features of Angular with examples.

This is enough for you to work on Angular Projects.

Who this course is for:

  • Java developers


  • REST API Fundamentals
  • Spring Boot and it's Features
  • Spring REST API Concepts
  • O'Auth & JWT
  • Reactive Programming
  • Spring Web-Flux
  • Angular crash course
  • Full Stack Application Development


  • Be able to write Java programs
  • Basic understanding of Spring Framework
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Spring Boot REST & Angular + Full Stack Application!
This Course Includes
  • 10 hours
  • 121 Lectures
  • 12 Resources
  • Completion Certificate
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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