Spring Boot REST with Angular and Full Stack Application

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Spring Boot REST with Angular and Full Stack Application

Learn Spring Boot, REST API, Restful Webservices, Spring WebFlux, JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript, Oauth, etc

updated on icon Updated on Nov, 2023

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person icon Karthikeya T

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Duration -10 hours


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Course Description

Spring Boot REST with Angular and Full Stack Application gives you a detailed walkthrough of Spring Boot, REST API, Restful Webservices, Reactive Programming, Spring WebFlux, JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript, Oauth, NoSQL, etc.

You can quickly acquire those skills with the aid of this course. You can focus on current Spring tasks in addition to applying for relevant jobs and ace the interviews.

To make the best project decisions or to participate in team conversations with ease, an Architect must have a thorough understanding of these ideas.

I've worked with Angular since 2017 and Spring Projects since 2012. I've also coached and educated a lot of people all around the world, assisting them in achieving their objectives.

Spring Boot REST with Angular and Full Stack Application Overview

The course is taught in a beginner-friendly style. The only prerequisites for this course are that you know Java and have a fundamental understanding of the Spring Framework.

We will also develop an end-to-end full-stack application by the end of this course. Make sure that you apply all you have learned in this course. You will learn how these technologies work together.

What you will learn?

  • All the essential concepts of Spring REST

  • Spring WebFlux to leverage the benefits of Reactive Programming

  • Spring OAuth and JWT

  • Spring Boot and its Features

  • Angular and its features (3-Hour Angular Crash Course)

  • Create an end-to-end stack application from scratch!

  • Gain enough knowledge to start working on related projects

  • Understand any other JavaScript Framework with ease

Why should you learn Spring Boot REST?

  • Almost all contemporary apps use the REST API concepts to expose web services.

  • Spring is the most widely used framework for creating RESTful services.

  • Before learning about Spring REST, you must first understand Microservices in Spring.

  • You can use any third-party APIs without hiring a developer if you are familiar with REST.

  • Spring Boot is used to build microservices in the cloud. Learning "Spring Boot" is a requirement if you are learning spring. It makes it simple for you to create spring apps.

Almost all of the Spring REST concepts will be covered in this course together with lovely examples (including O'Auth, Reactive programming, etc.), all in a beginner-friendly manner.

You will also gain a basic understanding of Spring Boot and its features from this course. Including illustrations.

Why should you learn Angular?

  • The front-end application, Angular, calls a distant web service built with Spring utilizing a REST API.

  • Angular is the most widely used front-end JavaScript framework. Understanding of JavaScript framework is essential for any employment role.

  • Understanding Angular will provide a strong basis for understanding any other JavaScript frameworks, such as React, Node, Vue JS, etc.

Even though this course does not focus solely on Angular, it does include a 3-hour crash course that will acquaint you with all of its features through examples.

You can now start working on Angular Projects after this.

Who this course is for:

  • Java developers


What will you learn in this course:

  • Learn REST API fundamentals

  • Learn Spring Boot and its features

  • Master Spring REST API concepts

  • Learn about HATEOAS

  • Understand O'Auth & JWT

  • Learn about Reactive programming

  • Understand Spring Web-Flux

  • Learn about Angular in a crash course

  • Master full-stack application development


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Be able to write Java programs

  • Basic understanding of Spring Framework

Spring Boot REST with Angular and Full Stack Application


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

1 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 04:40 04:40
Webservices Fundamentals
5 Lectures
Spring Boot (Pre-Requisite Chapter)
8 Lectures
CRUD Operations
10 Lectures
Content Negotiation
8 Lectures
HTTP Cache
5 Lectures
Other Concepts
4 Lectures
Error Handling
2 Lectures
REST Template
8 Lectures
4 Lectures
Reactive Spring
14 Lectures
O'Auth and JWT
13 Lectures
Angular Essentials (Crash Course!)
20 Lectures
Spring Boot REST and Angular - Full Stack Application
19 Lectures

Instructor Details

Karthikeya T

Karthikeya T

Java Technologies Expert
I have well over a decade of experience in the Industry and to the most part, I've work on Java and Related technologies. I've switched between many jobs, experienced many cultures and technologies and been mentoring many projects since then. One of the things that I am absolutely passionate about, is 'Teaching'. I just love it. Because, my students like my way of teaching. I can explain very complex concepts in easy to understand manner.

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