Sportswear vs. Active Sportswear

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Sportswear and active sportswear terms are used for the same clothing, but there are some structural distinctions between them. These garments were used to move fast and be active for physical entities. Active sportswear was especially made for athletics and different types of highly active sportspeople. Although we all use more or less sportswear, for a player or sportsperson, comfortable and active sportswear is like a weapon on the battlefield or game field. When a sportsperson participates in any game or sport, he or she must be physically and psychologically stable as well as be prepared for any typical circumstances.

The sportswear industry has been working hard to develop suitable and performance-enhancing clothing for our sportsmen and athletes. A whole country feels proud of its players when they give their best on the sports field. Active sportswear is an innovative idea for sportspersons. Any discomfort in the body would be influenced by the game, and it can have an effective result. So, when designing or manufacturing active sportswear, keep in mind that the maker must ensure the garment's comfort, durability, temperature, and stretchability. Sportswear is not only garments; there is sports protective gear and the most important footwear can be included. There are many specific garment brands for sportswear or active sportswear, which we can see like Adidas, Puma, Nike, etc.


Sportswear is a type of clothing that is used for sports, sometimes highly active dances and physical exercises like jogging, morning work, yoga, gym classes, etc. Sportswear is highly coveted because of its comfort, fashion, durability, breathability, etc. Fibres like polyester, lycra, and nylon are notable. Some natural fibres are also used, like wool, bamboo, and cotton. Sportswear is designed for various sports mainly, so for different sports, different types of suits. This type of clothing has to maintain different types of fabric weight, material thermal quality, comfort, sustainability, etc.

Active Sportswear

Active sportswear is nothing but sportswear with some special characteristics for some famous sports or categorical sports like tennis, swimming, gymnastics, etc. This type of sportswear has a special pattern of geometric shapes made for the sports person’s body shape and their flexibility. Comfort is the most important thing. With this type of clothing, specific sports need a specific type of clothing. Active sportswear has different types of thermal features and fabric qualities. Sports like baseball, tennis, many types of gymnastics, swimming, basketball, etc., need more stretchable wear. These sports have a high level of heat stress, so they produce sweat. Sweat needs to be dried quickly and quickly makes the body cool as soon as possible. It also has to control the temperature of the body, so clothing made with these qualities.

Differences Between Sportswear and Active Sportswear

The given table illustrates the major differences between sportswear and active sportswear:

Topic Sportswear Active Sportswear

Sportswear is mainly used for sports, but it can have other uses like gym wear or jogging etc.

Active sportswear is especially designed for players only. Different types of sportspeople can get their desired suits or active sportswear.


Sportswear can be used for sports and other physical activities.

Active sportswear is used for special sports. These are made for highphysical activities and special sports.


Sportswear has to be pleasant to look at; it has to be soft, comfortable, durable, light. and it has to be functional.

Active sportswear is typical for sports specific to particular sports. performance-based. Like sportswear, active sportswear has all its features, but it has to be more specific, more functional and highly active.

Structure Types

Sportswear is made of polyester-like fibres. Polyester is the most common, followed by cotton polyester, nylonspandex, and wool blends.

Tailored fibre placement, conventional fabrics, laid fibres, 3D-fabrics, overbraiding placement etc.


Some of the sportswear are tracksuits, shorts, polo shirts, etc.

Active sportswear for specific sports like wet suits for surfing, ski suits for skiing, leotards for gymnastics, swimming, etc are remarkable.


We usually wear sportswear for regular exercise, dance, or other physical activity. That’s regular and casual. Active sportswear is designed specifically for athletes; it differs from regular sportswear and is highly recommended for players. For different sports, different designs and construction. Thus, here we discussed and explained the details of sportswear vs. active sportswear genuinely.

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