Sportswear: An Overview

In today’s environment, where everyone is immersed in their hectic lives, sports play a very crucial role. However, at this time, one should dress in a particular kind of clothing, which can be defined by the term sportswear. Sportswear clothing is specifically made for sporting activities. Only when engaging in sports or physical activity should you wear this type of apparel. The body sheds a lot of sweat while participating in sports, which can only be contained by this kind of clothing. Sportswear needs a certain kind of cloth that keeps the wearer dry and active. The fact that sportswear is currently fashionable also raises the fabric quality. Wearing athletic clothing is necessary for any sport, including yoga and running, to improve the standard of the task.

What is Sportswear?

Sportswear has played a significant role in the enormous fashion business. Sportswear plays a significant part in the lifestyle that today includes set times for exercise and sports. People today have begun to take better care of their health, and with that, a specific style of clothing has become popular. Today’s fashions include baggy sweaters and jogging bottoms.

The History of Sportswear

American sportswear is made to accommodate loose, bare-chested attire. In the 1920s, women first started wearing skirts and shorts as informal clothing. In the world of fashion, this subset of sportswear was original and distinctive. To watch sports, it was sartorially worn. Later, as time went on, it was embroided for leisure and amusement. The objective was later modified to meet the demands of modern sports. The clothing became stretchier and more versatile.

Influenced by trends in sportswear

The fashion industry now includes a significant amount of clothing. The trends have also begun to concentrate on this area. Unisex attire for both men and women is becoming more popular among brands. Leggings and jogging pants are currently popular. Men ride bikes while wearing shorts, and ladies run while sporting hoodies. Sportswear has also developed to a new level. Now the clothing is more refined and intelligent. The apparel includes technology to improve time efficiency and a wearer’s understanding of their health.

Listed below are some top sportswear brands

Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Asics, New Balance, Salmon, Champion, Converse, Fila, Lululemon Athletica. Columbia

Sportswear Classifications

Sportswear is divided into so many categories, some of which are given below −

Athleisure, leotards, sports bras, sneakers, hoodies, wetsuits, shoes

Elements of Design in Sportswear

  • Color

Sportswear makers heavily rely on colours. Colors influence mood and increase interest in physical activity. When creating sportswear, there are a few distinct hues that are frequently employed.

  • Blue − Blue is a revitalising colour that aids in activity focus. It promotes inner tranquilly and helps one connect to themselves. The colour blue also promotes equilibrium and mental and physical steadiness.
  • Yellow − The colour yellow represents joy and youth. It serves as a highlighter and cheers up the viewer’s eyes. It is clearly identifiable in a crowd.
  • Green − The colour green has a direct connection to nature. It is crucial to surround oneself with greenery and the environment when engaging in mental exercises.
  • Red − Men and women are aggressive when wearing red. It aids in concentrating on speed and commitment to the objective.
  • Orange −: The hue of orange is more conducive to boosting motivation and vigour for work. It provides the drive to stay upbeat and enthusiastic during the session.
  • Fabric

Sportswear’s fabric is a crucial component. Sweating occurs while playing or engaging in any other physical activity, so it’s crucial to consider the fabric of your clothing when engaging in such activities. Some of the textiles that are used to make sportswear are listed below.

  • Cotton − The main benefit of using cotton in sportswear is that it doesn’t absorb perspiration. Sweat is released in large amounts while engaging in activities, and it interacts with clothing. Cotton, therefore, has a part in removing it.
  • Nylon − Nylon has the ability to dry quickly. Sporting activities benefit greatly from its quick drying time. Nylon also aids in continuous bodily stretching.
  • Synthetic − Synthetic fibre helps the clothing absorb heat and helps it work faster.
  • Microfiber − Microfiber, as its name suggests, is a type of fabric that has an extremely high density of tiny threads. This aids in the garment’s freedom and transparency. The fibre, nevertheless, is pricey and is only used by major manufacturers.
  • Shape

While playing sports, or practising any physical activity, if the clothes go in different directions, then it lessens the focus and efficiency. Due to this, the shape and size of clothing are very important. Sportswear generally comes in a body-fit shape, which helps the person to practise nicely and maintain their shape.


Sportswear is gaining popularity at a time when both casual and formal clothing are in vogue. The texture is getting softer and more usable with use and time. Technology is currently found in sportswear as well as computers and mobile devices, which either directly or indirectly improve the use of sportswear. While progress is being made, more advancement is still to come.


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Updated on: 13-Oct-2022


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