Space Travel Equipment


A significant array of features is needed to be available within a spacecraft to ensure the safety of the crew members. A reliable system is also to be installed within the spacecraft so that it can be operated from any space even from very far from the space.

The weight of the system and its equipment are needed to be light. Almost all necessities of an astronaut are to be included also. In case of an emergency, the equipment needs to be used properly. The instruments need to possess the capability of keeping any seek astronaut alive in an emergency situation.

Important pieces of equipment for traveling in space

Proper pulsion

The propulsion system is needed to be advanced so that the venturing activities of astronauts can be safe. An advanced service module is found in the Orion spacecraft that is used as a proper powerhouse for the spacecraft (Brown et al. 2021). This service module helps in the increasing capability of Orion. In an efficient and proper propulsion service module, 33 engines are available.

Living and breathing system

A minimum volume and mass are needed to be maintained in the space by installing a proper system. The Orion spacecraft provide a proper life support system. In the case of a more serious and deep-space mission, more advanced and developed environmental control systems are needed (Borman et al. 2018). In an abroad space station, a system is installed that can help in removing carbon dioxide from the spacecraft. Human is able to survive only for just a few, approximately 15 seconds in a vacuum space. A protective shell is necessary for this situation.

Figure 1: Equipment, used in space journey

Protector to protect from radiation

Space is a place with high radiation. A greater amount of charged particles is always moving around the spacecraft that can cause any kind of disruption at any time. Radiation-protective equipment is to be included while making the spacecraft to avoid any hazard in space.

Instruments to hold off heat

An important piece of equipment, required to travel in space is the instrument that can hold off heat. A spacecraft produces more heat at the returning time to the earth. The equipment is prepared so that the least amount of heat is generated to avoid any blast within space.

Navigation tools and optical communication tools

The movement of a spacecraft is beyond Global Positioning System. Setting up communication and navigating all systems need to be done properly. Using strong space communication networks is important (Zaman et al. 2022).

Space-friendly navigation tools are also used in a spacecraft that is efficient in managing space activities. Optical communication is another most used and recognized piece of equipment, useful for space traveling.

Currently, NASA is trying to introduce a piece of equipment that can easily transfer any data from space to the earth's space station. In this project, a laser beam can be used in transferring data.

Figure 2: Orion spacecraft of NASA

Safety tethers

An astronaut, working outside to remain attached to the spacecraft, uses a safety tether. A safety tether is made of webbing that is heat-resistant. This piece of space equipment is attached to a handrail that is built on the truss of the space station (Sen et al. 2022). A cable is also attached to this, which reels out in an emergency time.

Engineering in space

  • All the equipment, used during space travel is based on space engineering methods. The engineers are responsible to test the capability of functions of each piece of space equipment.
  • The duty of an aerospace engineer consists of measuring the coordination capability of the equipment. Using technological advancements to ensure a safe space journey is another important task of an aerospace engineer (Agha et al. 2020).
  • Checking environmental regulations and sustainability with durability are other important tasks. Each feasible criterion needs to be checked also before starting a space journey.

Tools, required in space traveling

Measuring the density of the atmosphere is important while travelling in space, some tools are used in measuring the density.

Aluminum is used to prepare the equipment so that the weight of a spacecraft can be maintained (Kubo-Oka et al. 2019).

Avoiding any kind of hazards is an important intention during space travel. Technical advancements are also an important characteristic of space equipment that helps the astronauts to be safe.


Using a high-tech system is important during a space journey. All the mentioned types of equipment need to be included properly and checked before starting a space journey. An artificial satellite is a piece of important equipment that is used by astronauts. The features of the space equipment are capable to handle any difficult situation during a space journey. An efficient space engineer needs to possess in-depth knowledge about the features and accessibilities of space equipment.


Q1. Which kind of power tool is used by astronauts in space?

The Pistol Grip Tool (PGT) is an important tool, used by astronauts. The features of this tool are helpful and easy to handle in space with which many theological and device-related actions are done by astronauts.

Q2. What are the three most important types of space vehicles?

Orbiter spacecraft is a popular space vehicle used in space. Rover spacecraft, flyby spacecraft, and penetrator spacecraft are other two important space vehicles.

Q3. What is the most popular name for space equipment?

Space pieces of equipment are also known as spacecraft. Communication, space colonization, transportation of humans, and many other works in space are done with the help of relevant types of space equipment.

Q4. Which technology is used during space travel?

Usage of the Hubble Space Telescope is seen in space that helps in avoiding any kind of atmospheric distortion. The jaw-dropping images of space are sent to the earth by using this technological device.



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