Solve the following:
$(i)$ Irfan says that he has 7 marbles more than five times the marbles Parmit has. Irfan has 37 marbles. How many marbles does Parmit have?
$(ii)$ Laxmi’s father is 49 years old. He is 4 years older than three times Laxmi’s age. What is Laxmi's age?
$(iii)$ People of Sundargram planted trees in the village garden. Some of the trees were fruit trees. The number of non-fruit trees were two more than three times the number of fruit trees. What was the number of fruit trees planted if the number of non-fruit trees planted was 77?

To do:

We have to solve the given questions.


(a) Number of marbles Irfan has $=37$.

Let the number of marbles Parmit has be $x$.

According to question,

$5\times x+7=37$





Therefore, Parmit has 6 marbles.

(b) Let the age of Laxmi be $x$.

Age of Laxmi’s father $=49$ years

According to question,

$3\times x+4=49$





Therefore, Laxmi’s age is 15 years

(c) Let the number of fruit tress be $x$.

This implies,

The number of non-fruit

trees $=3\times x+2$

According to question,






The number of fruit trees planted was 25.


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