Solo Ad Secrets: Build A Private 100K+ Email Marketing List

Solo ads aren't hard, but mastery of solo ads requires sales funnels, landing pages, tracking & some marketing know-how.


You Realize That List Building Is The Best Way For Small Entrepreneurs To Make A Big Splash These Days...

Have you ever thought about building a highly responsive email list, but you're stuck spinning your wheels, because you're just not sure how to get started on the right track?

Are you frustrated trying to build a responsive list of leads who know you, like you, and trust you?

Then you'll love the perfect intro to lead generation using solo ads!

Check it out, and finally have the freedom and confidence that's only possible when you have a list of truly responsive leads who ultimately become lifelong fans.

I've Sent Over One Million Promotional Emails! Discover The Hard Lessons I've Learned...

Don't waste your time, or your hard earned cash on "incomplete" list building and lead acquisition training.


You should enroll in this course and allow yourself to build massive authority, prestige and rapport in your niche that's only possible when you connect with your end users in the right way.

At the end of the course, you will generate leads for your Internet marketing, biz op, self-help and other mass market offers consistently and reliably.

And You'll Crack A Big Smile Every Time You Email Your List...

So if you want to realize the freedom and prestige that's only possible when you have a ravenous following, and finally be an authority in your niche... You're going to love this.

You'll discover how to generate leads using solo ads, but not just any leads! These leads will know you, like you and trust you based upon the fundamentals in this comprehensive intro to lead generation using solo ads.

Who this course is for:

  • If you're frustrated that you've tried building an email subscriber list, but just aren't sure how to start on the best foot.
  • If you're an existing email marketer, or aspiring email marketer, or if you're just interested in generating leads via solo ads.
  • If you've thought about using solo ads as a lead generation method, but would love to take a crash course beforehand.
  • If you've tried using solo ads before, but got ripped off, or just weren't sure how to bond with your subscribers.
  • If you'd love nothing more than to build your list with solo ads, but aren't sure how to build a basic funnel that optimizes your traffic while establishing authority in your niche.


  • Build a list of email subscribers who know you, like you, and trust you using solo ads before you start email marketing campaign.
  • Learn about the biggest and best solo ad marketplace(for email marketing) on the planet, with rigorous traffic filtering, so you never get jipped, shortchanged, or ripped off buying traffic ever again.
  • Use solo ads as a consistent and reliant means to generate leads in the Internet marketing/email marketing, biz op, self help, or weight-loss niches.
  • Discover exactly what your end users want and need, on an automated and perpetual basis for email marketing.
  • Develop relationships, rapport, and prestige all the while actually helping your end users for building a good list for email marketing campaign.
  • Develop goodwill with your end users, so they confide in you, reply to your emails, and even become longtime fans for maintaining a good list for email marketing campaigns.
  • Determine the best-selling and most reliant solo ad vendors/email marketing , using little-known but powerful techniques that are 100% evergreen.


  • You should know how to use a computer at a beginner level.
  • This course is essentially on the topic of list building and email marketing, a third party email autoresponder service is required.
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  • Introduction
  • What Are SOLO Ads
  • The Leverage of SOLO Ads
  • Terminology
  • Why A Break-Even Funnel
  • Your SWIPE File
  • Questions to Ask
  • Buying Solo Ads
  • Buying Solo Ads in a Marketplace
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Solo Ad Secrets: Build A Private 100K+ Email Marketing List
This Course Includes
  • 6 hours
  • 61 Lectures
  • Completion Certificate
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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