Solar Car


Solar cars used solar energy and it has different benefits. Solar cars use the energy of the sun and make a charge through the energy. It is created through the energy of the sun and great developed technology is needed for this. It is a pollution-free concept and makes less noise than traditional cars.

What is Solar Car?

Solar power car used the power of solar or the sun and it does not run through fossil fuels. It is seen that the sun is the main source of a charge for this car and it gives an electric source for running the car (Cartrade, 2022).

It is a pollution-free process and it limits the emission of gases into the atmosphere. The solar panels are kept in the sun and they get power from the sun. It is a safe process but is very costly.

Solar Car

Figure 1: Solar Car

Required materials for Solar Car

Solar cars need some of the materials for their creation of it. It includes a DC motor, four wheels, solar panel, motor support, hot glue, straw, tubes, steel wire, welding machine, cardboard, and a craft knife. These materials are important for the making of solar car projects at home (Sciencebuddies, 2022). After that, the wheel is inserted into the tube and it is linked to the shaft. Then the solar panel will have to be connected to cardboard with the use o glue. The final step is to take the solar car to a sunny place for the absorption of sunlight.

Required materials for Solar Car

Figure 2: Required materials for Solar Car

Steps for making Solar Car

There are different steps for making the solar car and it includes information on this matter. It is seen that the making of this car connects different important parts of the vehicle and those parts control the wheels of the car. It is the DC motor and one has to solder DC motor’s leads to the car’s wheels (Radhwan et al. 2020).

The next step is to take cardboard and cut it into the shape of a rectangle. After that, the tubes will have to be glued to the cardboard with the stick that is cut before. Then for setting the equipment, a small space is created.

Working on Solar Car

Solar car or the project of a solar car works through certain steps. After the project is ready then it has to transfer to a place where there is enough entrance to sun rays. The car will work better if it is placed at a surface level and it will have to be made sure that the solar panel is exposed to the sun (Ammar, Ammar & Oualha, 2021). When the car will absorb enough sunlight then it will work better. In the project of the solar car, renewable energy is created and with its use, it car is ready to move.

Advantages of Solar Car

Solar Power Cars have many advantages and this car used the energy of solar panels for its charge. The use of those cars can prevent the emission of gases in the atmosphere. It is a cause of Preservation of Natural Resources as no additional energy is required for solar cars (Sciencelearn, 2022).

That is the reason that solar cars help to preserve the natural resources. It is seen that there are no fuel costs for the use of this type of car.

Advantages of Solar Car

Figure 3: Advantages of Solar Car

Another advantage of using this type of car is that it is quite comfortable while driving. There are no energy costs for riding a solar car and it is cost-friendly. It is seen that solar cars make less noise than traditional cars.

Disadvantages of Solar Car

Solar car also has some disadvantages and one of them is that the solar panels can only convert 20-30% of the sunlight into electricity. Another disadvantage of these cars is that it lacks driver safety features. Some equipment like rear-view mirror and headlights are also not so good-featured (Solarpowernerd, 2022). It is tough to charge the panels because solar cars require a large surface area for charging the panel. This type of car and its charging depends on the weather and it is a very costly process. A High Initial Costs are required for this use of solar car. Although it is seen that solar cars memes less pollution, during the time of manufacturing the panels, it causes pollution.


Solar cars are a great concept and it is very useful as well as environment-friendly. The cars use solar energy and have great benefits. The solar car has different benefits, as it is a pollution-free process. The use of solar cars also has some disadvantages, as it is a costly process. The charging of the panes depends on weather and it is a disadvantage of these cars. Therefore, it can be said that solar cars have both advantages and disadvantages.


Q1. What are the applications of solar cells?

Ans: Solar cells are applied in various things like as a solar water heater and they can help in giving heat to water. The cells can also use for charging the phones at the time of power cut.

Q2. Can the solar cars be used at the night?

Ans: Solar cars is powered by solar energy and it is an electric vehicle. It uses the photovoltaic (PV) cells. It helps to convert solar energy into electricity and that is why it can be used at night through the power of solar energy.

Q3. What are the benefits of solar vehicles?

Ans: Solar vehicles have different benefits it creates less pollution and it is very economical. They are environment-friendly and used through the energy of solar power. The maintenance cost of this vehicle is low and it is effective for the environment.


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Updated on: 22-Aug-2023


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