Skyrocket Your Sales by Decoding Your Ideal Buyer Persona!

You will not believe how little you know about your customer and how it's impacting your sales

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   Published on 05/2022



If you are looking to start your business, increase sales, promote a new product, or improve your overall brand awareness, before you do any of that, consider asking yourself this question: DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE SELLING TO? 

In order for your product or service to resonate and stick in the mind of your customer, you need to know who you are selling to. Decoding your buyers' persona DNA is a comprehensive, hands-on online course where you will be able to:

  • Build your buyer persona (AKA: AVATAR)
  • Define their pain points and challenges
  • Understand their values and goals
  • Map out their objections and decision-making role in the buying process
  • Where they are more susceptible to consume your product
  • The most appropriate channels to communicate with them
  • The value exchange needed to facilitate a sale

Humans love stories and the best sales pages or sales strategies are based on a story that captivates you. Stories should resonate with your audience, but how can that happen if you are not able to know who you are having the conversation with?

Are you struggling with sales?

Are you struggling with converting new clients or reaching the right audience?

I am sure you think your product is a great fit for most of the market, but the reality is that it is not, It is a great fit to many, but you need to understand who they are and where they will engage with your product or service before you even decide to target them.

Maybe your vision is not attractive, your price point is the problem, the text on the header, the cover page of your landing page, the design of the ad, you can blame it on any of these or other factors. But the fact is that none of that matters.

To sell you need to know. Know who your clients are, know what they like, what they need, their pain points, you need to understand what makes them tick, what makes them become raving fans.

You need to decode your buyer persona's DNA.

Only when you do that you will understand how to improve your message, where to promote, what the promise of your product or service is, you will connect, and when you connect you sell.

You can not pretend to target everyone and talk to everyone in case someone buys, that strategy will leave you with low engagement and poor conversion rates, loss of money, and time.
So let's get started building and identifying your buyer persona together and make your product or service reach a whole new level of sales!

It's time to spend less money and time, and sell more!

See you inside!

What Will I Get ?

  • You will learn the method behind creating your buyer persona in order to improve your sales and communications with your potential buyers.
  • You will learn to build an Avatar Map and Empathy Map in order to dive deep into the psychological construct of your ideal client.
  • Stop guessing who and where your client is, and directly target them with your product or service, increase sales and conversion rates.
  • An Avatar is a fictional representation of your target audience
  • Avatars allow you to understand your ideal customer
  • Identify their pain points and critical purchase drivers
  • Engagement scenarios as a story
  • Map your perfect client to improve conversions
  • Increase sales and conversion rates
  • Redistribute your marketing budget to fit this NEW Avatar
  • Re-write your content marketing strategy
  • Review your company tone and message
  • Create content that increase conversion rates
  • Create new products for this new Avatar
  • Increase upsells
  • Improve referrals


  • The will to understand your client better
  • 10-15 minutes a day for the duration of the course.
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Skyrocket Your Sales by Decoding Your Ideal Buyer Persona!
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