Signals and Sytems

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Signals and Sytems

Learn fundamentals of signals and systems, by using helpful tools such as Fourier transform.

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Course Description

In this course, we start our journey from discussing the general representation of signals and systems which is really important.

We will be representing our signals as mathematical functions having an independent variable. And this representation will be the most of the first unit.

Then, we are going to classify our signals, such as periodic/non-periodic, even/odd, etc. This part will be also really crucial since the kind of signal allows us to choose the path to move on as we proceed to the solution.

Common Signals will be explained !!!

The Chapter for coming signals provides an in-depth treatment of singularity functions such as unit pulse, unit step, and unit ramp signals. All of these signals are defined graphically and mathematically in the CT (Continuous Time) and DT (Discrete Time) domains. Signal properties and relationships between singularity functions are also explained. And other signals like signum function, sinc function, etc. are also covered.

Properties of Systems:  All system properties such as linearity, time invariance, causality, stability, memory, and reversibility are well explained using a lot of examples.

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Who this course is for:

  • For electrical engineering students taking "Signals and Systems"
  • For those, who would like to find out the bond-relationship between input and output.
  • For those, who would like to clarify system theory. Analysis of a signal.
  • Those, who are only interested and looking for some fun.
  • Undergraduate engineering students with Electrical engineering, Electronics engineering, Biomedical engineering, and Instrumentation engineering as specialization
  • Diploma/Polytechnic students with Electronics engineering, Communication engineering, and Instrumentation as specialization


What will you learn in this course:

  • Being able to recognize commonly used signals like; the unit step, ramp, impulse function, sinusoidal signals, and complex exponentials.

  • Describe signals mathematically and understand how to perform mathematical operations on signals properly.

  • Being able to apply Fourier Series and Transform with ease, learning the application with a deep understanding.

  • Applying Fourier transform and inverse Fourier transform to a wide range of different signals.

  • Be able to make easy classifications of signals such as; even/odd, periodic/non-periodic, and discrete/continuous time.

  • Learning the definition of the systems.

  • Learning the properties of signals and systems that help you to classify any system you encounter.

  • Basic convolution in continuous and discrete time domains.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basic Math

Signals and Sytems


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

1 - Signals and Systems Overview
25 Lectures
  • play icon 1.2.1 Examples and Mathematical Representation of Signals 09:31 09:31
  • play icon 1.2.2 Signal Energy and Power 13:01 13:01
  • play icon 1.3.1 Transformation of the Independent Variable 17:05 17:05
  • play icon Example - 1 Transformation of the Independent Variable 09:46 09:46
  • play icon 1.3.2 Periodic Signals 05:59 05:59
  • play icon Example - 2 Periodic Signals 03:49 03:49
  • play icon 1.3.3 Even and Odd Signals 09:10 09:10
  • play icon 1.4.1 Continuous Time Complex Exponential and Sinusoidal Signals 14:18 14:18
  • play icon Example - 3 - Continuous Time Complex Exponential and Sinusoidal Signals 07:58 07:58
  • play icon 1.4.2 General Complex Exponential Signals 06:46 06:46
  • play icon 1.4.3 Discrete Time Complex Exponentials and Sinusoidal Signals 13:42 13:42
  • play icon 1.4.4 Periodicity Properties of Discrete-Time Complex Exponentials 10:40 10:40
  • play icon Example - 4 - Periodicity of a Discrete-Time Exponential 10:24 10:24
  • play icon 1.5.1 Discrete Time Unit Step and Unit Impulse Function 12:18 12:18
  • play icon 1.5.2 Continuous Time Unit Step and Unit Impulse Function 09:37 09:37
  • play icon Example - 5 - Unit Step and Unit Impulse Signals 04:05 04:05
  • play icon 1.6.1 Continuous and Discrete Time System Examples 08:05 08:05
  • play icon 1.6.2 Interconnections of Systems 14:05 14:05
  • play icon 1.7.1 Basic System Properties - I 22:30 22:30
  • play icon 1.7.2 Basic System Properties - II 22:19 22:19
  • play icon End of the Unit 1 Problems : 1 06:02 06:02
  • play icon End of the Unit 1 Problems : 2 07:02 07:02
  • play icon End of the Unit 1 Problems : 3 08:37 08:37
  • play icon End of the Unit 1 Problems : 4 07:19 07:19
  • play icon End of the Unit 1 Problems : 5 11:57 11:57
2 - Linear and Time Invariant Systems (LTI Systems)
6 Lectures
3 - Fourier series and Transform
11 Lectures
The Preparation you might need for Fourier series and transform
6 Lectures

Instructor Details

Afterclap Academy

Afterclap Academy

Afterclap Academy aims to provide education for all the students around the world for an affordable fee. We believe that every student deserves to get a decent education without being over-charged. Our notice that education in the world getting worse and worse, makes us consider to create innovator, student-friendly, well-planned and affordable courses. In a world that is run by unbeliavebly sick people, we must show a great respect to every stakeholder in education including administrators, teachers, staff members, students, parents, families, community members and so on. Therefore, we are here to show respect that must be shown, we are here to consecrate ourselves to education. Enjoy your time here.



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