Share the most embarrassing cause for taking a day off?

I am sharing my personal experience of the most embarrassing cause for taking a day off.

As usual, that day also I woke up at 5.30 in the morning. After I had my morning coffee, I usually start my household chores. That day, my daughter called me from the USA and without noticing time we both got engrossed in some pep talk. My maidservant who has to come by 6.30 a.m has not turned up and it was 7.00 the time I realized that. I started panicking. Watchman comes and tells me that the water motor got stuck up and we will not get water until it is repaired.

Look at my problems. I have not stored water and there were only two buckets of water in the house. It will be an impossible task for me to complete the household chores with that water, take bath, cook the meals and come to the office. I have decided to take off and sent a mail to the HR saying that I am not feeling well.

I started cleaning up the house sulking and grumbling. And you know what ... by 10 am everything got sorted out !! How ??

Here it is ...

The motor mechanic came at 8.30 am and repaired it within no time. The maid got delayed due to some emergency at home but was sincere to come by 8.00 a.m because she was worried I had to go to the office. By 10, the house was sparkling clean, water flowing like the Ganges.

I felt so embarrassed to have taken a day off because my maidservant was late and there was no water for 2 hours. I would have worked out these situations, gone to the office a little late and If I did not have time to cook, picked up something on the way.

I felt so embarrassed and guilty the whole day wasting my time at home.