Setup Own VPN Server with Android, iOS, Win & Linux Clients

Safeguard your privacy and identity while surfing online by setting up your own VPN server in the region of your choice.

  Abhilash Nelson

   IT & Software, Network & Security, Network Security

  Language - English

   Published on 10/2019



Hello and welcome to my Quick Setup Personal VPN  Server Course. !!

We are living in this connected world and the fact is that almost all of our personal as well as official information we exchange through the internet through platforms like social media and websites are traceable.

Because of this sheer amount of data that we exchange through the internet, our on-line privacy should be our top most priority. Organizations, Governments, people, Internet providers .. are all trying to get hold of your information to sell them or use them for marketing and other unwanted purpose. They are trying to monitor you each and every second.

In this course, we will try to setup our own VPN Server which can help us making our internet traffic secure and safe. Lets have a quick overview about the contents that are included in this course.

Best wishes with setting up your own private VPN Server. Lets safeguard our privacy online. See you soon in the class room. Have a great time. bye bye.

What Will I Get ?

  • Beginner with interest in setting up VPN and safeguard your privacy and identity online.


  • A normal configuration computer with internet connectivity and an urge to learn VPN server setup
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