Selenium 4 - New Features

person icon Arun Motoori

Selenium 4 - New Features

Explore New Features of Selenium 4 in detail and practical way

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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person icon Arun Motoori

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Course Description

This course includes the below new features of Selenium 4, explained in a detailed and practical way:

  1. Installation and Configuration of Selenium 4 (Alpha versions)

  2. Taking screenshots at the Element level, Section level, and Page Level

  3. New methods in Selenium 4

  4. Opening and working with multiple windows and tabs in Selenium 4

  5. Relative Locators

  6. DevTools Interaction

  7. Driver Executable and Selenium 4

  8. Automating and Executing Tests in Full-Screen Mode

  9. Switching to Parent Frame

  10. Installing and Uninstalling Add-ons

  11. Selenium 4 Release Details and Road Map

  12. Selenium WebDriver W3C Standardization

  13. New Selenium IDE - The Next Generation

  14. Grid 4 - Types and Detailed Configuration

  15. What's new in Selenium 4


What will you learn in this course:

  • How Selenium 4 is different from Selenium 3 and Selenium 4 new features


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • You should know Selenium 3 prior to this course
Selenium 4 - New Features


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Selenium 4 - New Featues
22 Lectures
  • play icon Installing and Configuring 20:43 20:43
  • play icon Taking Element Screen-shots using getScreenshotAs() 23:21 23:21
  • play icon Taking Element Screen-shots using TakesScreenshot interface 19:47 19:47
  • play icon Taking Screen-shots of a section using getScreenshotAs() 18:24 18:24
  • play icon Taking Screen-shots of a page in Chrome using getScreenshotAs() 09:41 09:41
  • play icon Taking Screen-shots of a page in Firefox using getFullPageScreenshotAs() 09:50 09:50
  • play icon Using getRect() for retrieving height, width, x and y co-ordinates of an element 16:41 16:41
  • play icon Using newWindow() for opening a new blank window or blank tab 22:10 22:10
  • play icon Relative Locators 32:04 32:04
  • play icon Chrome Console Logs using DevTools 18:15 18:15
  • play icon Loading insecure websites using DevTools 12:43 12:43
  • play icon No Driver Executable Path or WebDriverManager required 11:30 11:30
  • play icon Using window().fullscreen() to open the Browser Window in Full Screen 08:08 08:08
  • play icon Switching directly to parent frame using parentFrame() 14:36 14:36
  • play icon Installing and Uninstalling Add-ons in Firefox 11:57 11:57
  • play icon Release Details 08:32 08:32
  • play icon Road Map 25:37 25:37
  • play icon Selenium WebDriver W3C Standardization 20:00 20:00
  • play icon New Selenium 4 IDE - The Next Generation 21:12 21:12
  • play icon Grid 4 - Types and Detailed Configuration 01:26:38 01:26:38
  • play icon Whats new in Selenium 4? 28:55 28:55
  • play icon New Official Website of Selenium 05:10 05:10

Instructor Details

Arun Motoori

Arun Motoori

Selenium Expert and Training Specialist having 12 plus QA Experience
I am a software testing professional since 2007 (12 years of experience). I am a Selenium Training Expert since 2013. I love training in an organized, easy, practical and solution oriented manner. Subscribe to my course and feel the difference.

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