Scala from Beginner to Pro

Scala is doubtless one of the most in-demand skills for data scientists and data engineers.

Course Description

Comprehensive Course Description:

It’s true that Scala is not among the most-loved coding languages. But don’t let this minor discomfort bother you. Scala is doubtless one of the most in-demand skills for data scientists and data engineers. And the reason for this is not far to seek: The supply of professionals with Scala skills is a long way from catching up with the demand. 

The course Scala from Beginner to Pro is refreshingly different. The well-thought-out quizzes and mini-projects that cover all the important aspects will make your Scala learning journey that much easier. This course includes an overview of Hadoop and Spark with a hands-on project with Scala Spark. Right through the course, every theoretical explanation is followed by practical implementation.

This course is designed to reflect the most in-demand Scala skills that you will start using right away at the workplace. The course is:

  •  Simple to follow and understand.
  •  Expressive.
  •  Exhaustive.
  •  Practical with live coding.
  •  Replete with quizzes.
  •  Rich with state-of-the-art and up-to-date knowledge of this field.

The 6 mini-projects and one Scala Spark project included in this course are vital components of this course. These projects present you with a hands-on opportunity to experiment for yourself with trial and error. You get a chance to learn from the mistakes you commit. Importantly, it’s easy to understand the potential gaps that might exist between theory and practice.

Why Should You Learn Scala?

In today’s fast-paced, data-centric marketplace, learning and developing a new skill is the way to go. In this context, Data Engineering with Scala skills aligns to perfection with employer demand. Your prospects of a rewarding career with a handsome salary package are given. And this course will give you a core understanding of Scala and Spark, presenting you with an opportunity that ensures emerging career growth.

Scala, a power-packed language, has the capability to leverage most of the functions in Python, such as designing machine learning models. You can use this high-level language for an assortment of applications, from web apps to machine learning.

This competitively-priced course will teach you the essential concepts and methodologies of Scala. You will also learn a lot of practical implementations in Scala and Spark. The HD video tutorials are divided into 140+ brief videos, and the total runtime of the videos is 13+ hours.

Sure, Scala is a language that has many complexities. But the challenging learning curve of Scala is well worth the investment. So, without any further delay, get started with this course, as Scala makes programming less wearisome and more enjoyable.

Teaching is our passion:

We work overtime to create online tutorials with the top data science experts. The course material will help you in understanding the fundamental Scala concepts very clearly. Our aim is to make a difference in the lives of people, regardless of at which stage in their career they are. The emphasis is on creating a strong basic understanding of Scala before moving onward to the advanced concepts. The exercises at the end of each section enable you to grasp the concepts by thinking about the right solution on your own and implementing it. Assessment questions, high-quality video content, compelling course content, course notes, and handouts are the perks of this course. Please approach our team in case of any queries, and we assure you of our quick response.

Course Content:

The comprehensive course covers the following topics in-depth:

a.Overview of Scala:


  • Why Scala?
  • Applications of Scala
  • Introduction to the Course Instructor
  • Introduction to the Course and Mini-Projects
  • Scala Spark Project Overview

b.Variables in Scala:

  • Val vs. Var
  • Understanding data types
  • Operations on variables
  • Type casting
  • Taking input from the user
  • Hands-on with tasks

c.Flow Statements:

  • If else
  • Loops
  • Hands-on with tasks
  • Mini-Project


  • Understanding functions
  • Understanding parameters
  • Lambda functions
  • Hands-on with tasks
  • Mini-Project


  • Create a class
  • Creating objects
  • Constructors
  • Hands-on with tasks
  • Mini-Project

f.Data Structures:

1. Lists

  • Understanding lists
  • Creating lists
  • Iterating on lists
  • For loop
  • Append in list
  • Remove from list
  • Take from list
  • List of objects
  • Hands-on with tasks

2. Lists Buffer

  • Understanding lists buffer
  • Creating lists buffer
  • Iterating on lists buffer
  • For loop
  • Append in list buffer
  • Remove from the list buffer
  • Take from the list buffer
  • List of objects buffer
  • Hands-on with tasks
  • Mini-Project

3. Maps

  • Understanding Maps
  • Creating Scala Maps
  • Operations on a Map
  • Accessing Values Using Keys
  • Updating the values
  • Adding new key-value pair
  • Deleting a key-value pair
  • Iteration in a Map
  • Empty Map
  • Hands-on with tasks
  • Mini-Project

4. Sets

  • Understanding sets
  • Creating sets
  • Adding items in sets
  • Removing elements from the sets
  • Set operations
  • Union
  • Intersection
  • Difference
  • Hands-on with tasks

5. Stack

  • Understanding Stack
  • Creating Stack
  • Push in Stack
  • Pop in Stack
  • Empty in Stack
  • Top in Stack
  • Size in Stack
  • Hands-on with tasks
  • Mini-Project

g.Scala Spark Project


  • Understanding Hadoop Ecosystem

b. Spark

1. Overview

  • Overview of the underlying structure of Spark
  • Environment of Spark
  • Setting up Spark

2. Overview of Data Bricks

  • Introduction to Databricks
  • Creating a free tier account on Databricks

c. Spark RDDs

1. Overview

  • Understanding of Spark RDDs
  • APIs of RDDs

2. Spark Map Reduce

  • Understanding the concept of MR
  • Hands-on with word count example
  • Data set analysis

d. Spark DFs

1. Overview

  • Understanding of Spark DFs
  • APIs of DFs

2. Hands-on 

  • Word Count example with DFs
  • Data set analysis

e. ETL pipeline

1. Overview

  • Introduction to ETL pipeline
  • Overview of AWS services required for the ETL

2. Hands-on

  • Setting up the services
  • ETL script
  • Understanding connection concepts for S3 and RDS
  • Running the script

After completing this course successfully, you will be able to:

  • Relate the practical concepts of Scala and Spark with real-world problems.
  • Implement any project from scratch that requires Scala and Spark knowledge.
  • Know the theoretical and practical aspects of Scala and Spark.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are absolute beginners and know nothing about Scala and Spark.
  • People who want to develop smart solutions.
  • People who want to learn Scala and Spark.
  • People who love to learn the theoretical concepts of data science and then implement them using Scala. 
  • People who want to learn Scala along with its implementation in realistic projects.
  • Data Scientists.
  • Machine learning experts.


  • The introduction and importance of Scala.
  • Why is Scala such a popular field nowadays?
  • The important concepts from the absolute beginning with comprehensive unfolding with hands-on examples in Scala.
  • Practical explanation and live coding with Scala.
  • Understanding the variables in data types in Scala.
  • Understanding the flow controls in Scala and different ways for controlling the flow.
  • Understanding the functions and their usage in Scala.
  • Understanding the classes and their usage in Scala.
  • Understanding the data structures, namely: Lists, Lists Buffer, Maps, Sets, and Stack.
  • Understanding Hadoop.
  • Understanding the working of Spark.
  • Understanding the difference between Spark Rdds and Spark Dfs.
  • Understanding Map Reduce.
  • ETL pipeline from AWS S3 to AWS RDS using Spark.


  • No prior knowledge of Scala is required. You will start with the elementary concepts and gradually build your knowledge of the subject.
  • Basic understanding of programming.
  • A sincere willingness to learn and practice.
  • Since we teach by practical implementations, practice is of utmost importance.

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Scala from Beginner to Pro
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