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SAP HCM Payroll

Learn SAP HCM Payroll with payroll overview & data, payroll elements & process, payroll reports & results, process model

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Course Description

A warm welcome to the SAP HCM Payroll course by Uplatz.

SAP HCM Payroll (also called SAP Payroll) is a sub-module of SAP Human Capital Management that helps the HR department of an organization to manage the payroll processes.

Payroll is a process to calculate the salary and wages of permanent and temporary employees of an organization. Employee payroll processing is one of the key HR functions in any organization. SAP HCM Payroll module provides you the knowledge necessary to perform administrative duties effectively. From hiring to payroll and managing human resources and time, the functionalities of the SAP HCM application are quite vast.

Some of the key features of SAP HCM Payroll module include:

  • Payroll can be integrated with Personnel administration, time management, wages and accounting.

  • Data retention allows you to use master data and other payroll related data from Personnel Administration.

  • Time data from Time Management is included in Payroll and is used during the payroll run.

  • Incentive Wages component is used to process payroll directly.

  • Expenses and payable information from SAP Payroll component is posted directly in Financial Accounting FICO to assign a cost center for all the costs.

  • SAP Payroll system also calculates the gross pay and the net pay. It consists of payments for each employee and deductions made during a payroll period. All payments and deductions are included in the remuneration calculation using different wage types.

Uplatz provides this detailed course on SAP HCM Payroll with detailed steps on end to end payroll processing configurations and management. This SAP HCM Payroll course covers key topics such as Payroll overview, payroll data, payroll elements, payroll process, payroll reports, post payroll results, bank transfers and check preparation, process model, and the like. At the end of the SAP HCM Payroll course you will be able to describe how to organize and run payroll including subsequent activities.

SAP HCM Payroll Course Syllabus

  • Payroll Basics

  • Personnel Calculation Rules

  • Wage Type and Absence Valuations

  • Basic Payroll Elements

  • Time Wage Type Selection

  • Payroll Factoring

  • Average Processing

  • Integration

Payroll Organization configurations
Some basic settings must be made in Customizing to be able to run payroll in the SAP HR HCM System.

  1. A period parameter and a date modifier are assigned to each payroll area. The period parameter determines whether payroll is run monthly, quarterly, weekly or for several weeks.

  2. Payroll periods must be generated for each combination of period parameters and date modifiers assigned to a payroll area.

  3. Date modifier links the additional date types with a payroll calendar.

  4. Control record must be created for every payroll area. This control record controls the individual stages of payroll.

Payroll Control Record
A control record must be created in Customizing for each payroll area before it can be used. To Maintain Personnel Control Record use transaction PA03.

The payroll control record has the following functions:

  1. It locks the personnel numbers, for which payroll should be run, so that master data cannot be changed which might affect payroll data when payroll is being run.

  2. If the master data for the personnel number is being changed for which payroll is run, it locks the payroll for that time, so that nobody can run the payroll during this time

  3. You can also get information on what is the next payroll period for which regular payroll should be run, up to what date is retroactive accounting carried out and what status does the payroll currently have.

Payroll Process
When payroll is run master data and time data changes are not permitted. Also payroll must not be run during master data maintenance. This can be controlled by payroll control record.

Phases available during payroll run

  • If the function Release Payroll is selected from the menu, it locks the personnel number attached to payroll area under consideration. Thus, it will not allow any changes to infotypes for this personnel number. Though changes that affect future are still permitted. This function must be executed before starting payroll.

  • If Check Result is selected, it doesn’t allow you to start payroll for the payroll area concerned. This way, you can check the payroll result, as nobody can change the payroll result.

  • If Corrections is selected, lock on master data and time data records for the selected payroll area are released. You can make changes in infotypes for personnel numbers having selected payroll area.

SAP HCM Payroll Certification

The "SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HCM Payroll with ERP 6.0 EHP7" certification exam verifies that the candidate possesses basic knowledge in the area of SAP Payroll. This certificate proves that the candidate has the required understanding within this consultant profile of the HCM solution, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects under guidance of an experienced consultant. It is recommended as an entry-level qualification.

Who this course is for:

  • SAP HCM Payroll Functional Consultants
  • SAP HR Consultants and Power users
  • Newbies and Beginners aspiring for a career in SAP
  • Delivery Managers - SAP HCM/SuccessFactors
  • SAP HCM/SuccessFactors Functional Consultants
  • SAP HCM Payroll Application Leads
  • Payroll Analysts & Executives
  • Anyone wishing to learn SAP HCM Payroll module
  • SAP HCM Analysts
  • SAP HCM US/UK/other Payroll Specialists
  • ERP & SAP Professionals
  • HR & Payroll Managers
  • Analysts & Senior Analysts - SAP HCM Payroll
  • Application Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Process Owners / Team Lead / Power Users
  • Program / Project Managers


What will you learn in this course:

  • End-to-end knowledge of SAP HCM Payroll module

  • Become an SAP HCM Consultant or Power user

  • Prepare for SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HCM Payroll with ERP 6.0 EHP7

  • SAP Payroll Basics

  • Personnel Calculation Basics

  • Wage Type and Absence Valuations

  • Basic Payroll Elements

  • Time Wage Type Selection

  • Payroll Factoring

  • Average Processing

  • Integration


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!

SAP HCM Payroll


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

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