Sample Your Own Music - [FL Studio 12]

Create sampled beats without the risk of copyright infringement! - Make your music 100% yours.

  Riley Weller

   Music, Music Production, FL Studio

Language - English Published on 07/2022


Sampled beats are a catchy form of music.  The sad thing is when you use other people's music, that's their copyright which you could be infringing on.

A way around this, while still achieving that 'sampled sound', is to sample your own music.

In this course, you are shown in-depth to create a powerful sampled beat from your own melody.

These beats are extremely catchy, and allow for huge creativity + skill-building!

So what's all involved in this course, 'Sample your Own Music'?

By the end of this course, you will not only be able to produce sampled beats but also be able to mix your audio around FL Studio's mixer with complexity!

You get to see how to set up sends and use effects such as reverb, delay, and distortion giving a professional edge in your music productions.

The course structure starts by:

  • Going over a full overview of the sampled beat
  • Setting up FL Studio's mixer and creating audio sends for your effects
  • Sculpting the loop from the piano roll prior to recording with EQ and Compression, makes working with our samples much easier!
  • We take a step back and talk about backing up this loop for the long-term, and tips to have a solid folder structure for your music session sounds
  • Finally, we sample our own music!  We go inside FL Studio's piano roll and add in our MIDI notes, composing a sampled beat from our recorded loop.

This course is geared toward the inspiring producer wanting to create sampled beats without stepping on another's toes; infringing on their copyright, which would require sample clearance.

This course is created by Riley Weller, who is known in the music industry as 'GratuiTous'.

Who this course is for:

  • Inspiring producers wanting to learn industry secrets.
  • Beatmakers who love to create sampled music, but want to avoid copyright
  • Those who want to learn insights into a quick workflow

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn your sample own music, avoiding any copyright issues!
  • Route audio with complexity inside the mixer!
  • Use parallel processing for ultimate sound sculpting/effects
  • Learn to back up your sounds and loops for the long-term protection of your music.


  • Basic knowledge of FL studio (If you can make a really simple beat, you're good to go!)

  • Any DAW works, but this course focuses on FL Studio.

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