Salt A commonly used in bakery products on heating gets converted into another salt B which itself is used for removal of hardness of water, and a gas C is evolved. The gas C, when passed through lime water, turns it milky. Identify A, B and C.

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Baking power which is salt is used as bakery products that give sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide gas on heating. Sodium carbonate is used to remove the hardness of water. Carbon dioxide turns lime water milky.

The chemical equation is given below:
Sodium bicarbonate → Sodium carbonate + Carbon dioxide + Water
$NaHCO_3 → Na_2CO_3 + CO_2 + H_2O$

Salt A = Sodium bicarbonate, used as baking powder.
Salt B = Sodium carbonate, used to remove the hardness of water.
C = carbon dioxide, turns lime water milky. 
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