Salesforce Lightning Components Development Tutorial

From scratch level to Live App Development by building Salesforce Lightning Custom Components


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  Language - English

   Published on 12/2020



THIS is the RIGHT tutorial for you if the below statements match you.

  1. "I don't want TooOOO much of BORING theory and PPTs.
  2. I want "TO-THE-POINT" explanation.
  3. I want MORE hands-on." but, remember I do REPEAT and STRESS the important points as I want to dump directly to your brain easily.

WHAT will I get in this Course?

Apart from the Salesforce Lightning Components Development Training, Each module is not only LECTUREd but also DEMONSTRATEd with a easily understandable case study.

And, at the end of the course, you will unknowingly have completed one END-TO-END project.

What Will I Get ?

  • end to end app development with salesforce lightning custom components
  • understand what the salesforce lightning components framework is.
  • distinguish between Lightning App Component and Lightning Component Component
  • Create custom, reusable Lightning Components and Applications
  • understand the "Component Resource Bundle"
  • distinguish between Controller Resource and Helper Resource
  • apply HTML, CSS in the Salesforce Lightning Components
  • use “Static Resources” in the Salesforce Lightning Components
  • understand composition and DE-COMPOSITION of the Salesforce Lightning Components
  • understand A--T--T--R--I--B--U—T--E--S and "VALUE PROVIDERS"
  • use the EXPRESSIONS in the Salesforce Lightning Components
  • work with UI components and Events
  • Adding components to the App, Lightning Experience, Salesforce1, VF Page etc
  • create custom APPLICATION EVENTS & COMPONENT EVENTS - firing the events - handling the events
  • using APEX - server side controller- in Lightning Components


  • knowledge of HTML + CSS + JS
  • Prior experience in Salesforce is highly desired, BUT NEED NOT BE MANDATORY.
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